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New Year's Even: reflect on the old, look forward to the new...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jo_south_yorks, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I'm grateful for my parents getting me out of a hole in March and giving me the chance to get out of a rut I had got myself into.
    Looking forward to leaving the shi.t of 2010 behind me.
    Looking forward to graduating from uni and hopefully getting a job for September, and my big sister's wedding in September when I will be chief bridesmaid :)
    JSY x
  2. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Mine are not exciting

    Good walking boots
    Leaving an Alberque in Padron
    Reading the Tony Blair book
  3. I am also grateful for finding my wonderful boyfriend - it's amazing what you can find when you're not looking!
    I'm leaving the 'yes' me behind in 2010. I've learned that I need to say no a little more often and make some time for myself. I've stressed myself out something stupid and made myself ill by being unable to say no to people, so no more of it!
    I'm looking forward to Take That in Amsterdam in July!
  4. Grateful for my lovely new job.
    Glad to leave behind Mum's breast cancer (fingers crossed).
    Looking forward to everything the new year brings!
  5. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I'm signing off for the evening now. But I look forward to reading everyone's post (hoping lots of people join in) tomorrow some time.

    Where ever you are and what ever you are doing, I hope that the New Year gets off to a great start for everyone.
    I'm not doing anything exciting, just a couple of really good friends, a few games on the Wii/Xbox etc and a few munchies.
    See you in 2011. xx
  6. Grateful the my health is beginning to improve
    Looking to leave behind me my anxiety and depression
    Looking forward to being me and happy to be me in 2011

  7. Grateful for:
    Our tiny/almost paid off mortgage. Despite the fact bloke is self employed and I do supply, we still manage to have a nice life.

    Looking forward to:
    Selling our flat! We NEED more space... Also, I'm looking forward to doing more painting and perhaps having a show. Or two.

    Leaving behind:
    Ooo, can't think.
  8. Grateful for: Getting a job and my sanity back and leaving the hell hole of a school I was at for 2 miserable years.

    Leaving behind: The unhappy stressed person I was becoming.

    Looking forward to: Having a fantastic party for my grandmother who we all love to bits
  9. impis

    impis New commenter

    Grateful for the safe and on time delivery of my new baby grand daughter. [her older brother was born at 28 weeks]
    Looking forward to leaving behind 3 stones of excess weight.
    Looking forward to losing another 3 stones [hopefully] and all the clothes shopping that will necessetate. [​IMG]
  10. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    I am grateful for being back in the UK and fully appreciating that there is no place like home.
    I am looking forward to creating a life for myself in my new town.
    I am leaving behind a very difficult working environment although sad no longer to be working in a city/country I also love dearly.
  11. Ooo - meant to say I was looking forward to my trip to Rome in January!!
  12. Grateful for a year where all my loved ones experienced good health

    Leaving behind ... I hope ... The trauma

    Looking forward to ... My baby getting through her y11 without too much angst

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