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New year, new term, old machines to move on!!! HELP,

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by laina81, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. laina81

    laina81 New commenter

    As we are closely entering a October and dear i say Christmas :-/. I have had the horrible task of having get rid of old machinery that are no longer being used due to subject changes and art department shrinkage in DT and textiles. They are mostly usable still but because they use old software it can be difficult to run.

    i am the technician at a secondary school in London and have tried finding good homes for these cool machines, Would any know of companies or schools that may interested in, for a fee or donated a... -Modela MDx- 15 3D ploter with inset pack, user manual, accessories and tools
    -Roland CAMM 1 Sign Maker CX24.
    -hooded spray paint booth.
    - 2x Clarke hot wire strip heater.
    - Stahls clam heat press.
    also a Mercury Laser pro (model discontinued).

    if any of these spark somebodies interest please do let me know..

    Many thanks


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