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New Year Bleurgh

Discussion in 'Personal' started by luvinit, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Thanks for the replies - I wouldn't mind if he had always been stay at home, but until he hit 40 he was as much of a party animal as I am. He really hates me going out without him, and I would like to be getting a big snog from him as Big Ben strikes, but I also feel that I need to party - we've had the quiet Christmas that he wanted and we've done our time when the kids were young staying in..negotiations are ongoing!
  2. I hope negotiations work out well for you and you do get to go out (with or without the husband).
    I think this is what would annoy me the most - you have compromised regarding Christmas and now he has gone back on his word regarding New Year. It does sound very selfish like dipsue said.

  3. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    People are perfectly entitled to get bored with partying and move on. I know I have. I got sick to death of being invited to 50th parties in recent years. All the bloody same - overloud **** music and bog standard party catering at some hall or golf club somewhere. Conversation impossible because of the DJ's sound system. I know people mean well when they set them up but after the first two the format becomes a bit tedious.

    Maybe what's needed is a more original alternative to get the OH away from the telly?
  4. Well done for negotiating. I'd have hot-footed it out by myself if the circumstances were as presented in your post.

    No brainer, really
  5. I am lucky Mr c is the same as me, stay at home NYE, however, we do have plans for the evening so it isn't just like any other evening.
    FWIW I think your man is being a tad selfish, if you compromised about Christmas then he should for NYE. Having said that if you "win" is he likely to be sulky about it? If so not worth bothering. I can understand you not wishing to go out without him too. Tricky but hope you work it out.
  6. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Do you have a history of infidelity or is he controlling?

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