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New Year 7 novel?

Discussion in 'English' started by TJAMK, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. TJAMK

    TJAMK New commenter

    I'm looking for a short, affordable, accessible new text to teach term one of year 7; The unit of work is called Childhood so it should feature a child/teen protagonist. Also (not asking for much I know):
    - Around 100-120 pages
    - Not in danger of being taught in primares in the near future
    - Boy friendly - but not War as we have it otherwise covered

    Any suggestions please? Please?
  2. Feather Boy - Nicky Singer
    Abomination - Robert Swindells
    Whispers in the Graveyard - Teresa Breslin
  3. midnight_angel

    midnight_angel Senior commenter

    Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitman. I teach it to year 7s in an all boys school (have taught it to both top and bottom sets in the past). The boys love it! It's the only novel some of them have read all year, but even now (we read it in Sep/Oct) my bottom set still go on about it. It's about a family escaping Afghanistan, as refugees to Australia, and the main character (an eleven year old boy) is obsessed with football. The novel opens with a football match being played by the Afgan children (on a landmine, mind!), which has the boys hocked right from the start.
  4. 'Ways To Live Forever' - Sally Nicholls
  5. leola

    leola New commenter

    How about Bumface by Morris Gleitzman? I taught this to my yr 7s and they LOVED it. It's VERY funny, less than 200 pgs and about an 11 yr old boy trying to stop his mum from having another baby. it does mention s-e-x and contraceptives (in a brief and funny way though, nothing inappropriate!)

    Or stone cold, which is about a teenager who becomes homeless. It is a dual narrative with the other narrator being shelter, who is plotting to rid the streets of the homeless, and slightly mad. Again, it's suitable language wise, and less than 200 pgs again.

    I love both books!!

  6. You could try The Midwinter Child - look it up on amazon. It is very boy orientated, 13 year old hero, lots of magic, danger, no war, King Arthur's ghost, excalibur etc. There is a sequel too - The Sleeper in the Sea, with Merlin in it. Set nowadays, both of them, but with a bit of travel to a magical world (Avalon) and back in time to Camelot for a bit too.


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