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NEW year 1/2 literacy planning available (labels, lists and captions)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by vicster79, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I would really like a copy of the planning for lists, labels and captions. I am an NQT and this would really help! Many thanks

  2. you all have post
    Love vicky xx
  3. hi
    i was wondering if i could have a copy of your labels and captions plan too as i'm teaching in a year 1 class for the first time in sept and it sounds good my email is abigailb@sky.com many thanks
  4. maz403

    maz403 New commenter

    Would really appreciate a copy too if at all possible. Thank you in advance
  5. Hello
    I have looked on e bay for the mixed 1/2 caption planning but its no longer there. Would it be possible to e mail me a copy, much appreciated.
  6. If it is still going please could I have a copy of this it would be great thank-you[​IMG]
  7. Hi have tried the link to the staffroom thread but can't find anything!! Could I please have a copy of the labels etc unit if it's not too much trouble - thanks so much.


  8. Hi Vicki! I would love a copy of the plans too! just moved to year 1 and stuck!!!!


  9. Hi
    I think it is unlikely this thread is still going but if it is could I please jump on the band wagon! Sorry!
    Thanks x
  10. Hello Vicky,
    I saw your post today (03.10.09.) whilst trawling the web for my daughter, who is teaching a Y1.class. She is planning weeks literacy on 'Lists and Labels' If you still have the planning could we please have a copy, it would be absolutely brilliant.
    Sadly my expertise is the Foundation Stage and not KS1, so I can't help her as much as I would like to!!
    Thank you ever so much.
    Anita Sammons
  11. Hi Vicky,
    Could I please have a copy of the Y1/2 Mixed planning for Labels, lists and captions based on Pass the Jam Jim please, sounds amazing!!

    Thanks so much

  12. Hi Vicky,

    I know you posted this a long time ago, but would I still be able to have a look at the planning for this unit? I am new to Year 1 in September and any help would be great!

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