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New WJEC GCSE any views?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by welsh_gje, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. I agree with Coleman01.
    I enjoy teaching the course - it is an improvement over the GCSE course that ended this year. Although I do know a lot who do not like the course. Many in my LEA sing the praises of OCR Nationals - especially as there is no exam.
    The assessment task is okay - I'm finding the pupils are responding better to a timed assignment rather than the old open ended task which they might have dragged their heels on.
    I use Coleman01's website - and have translated the notes into Welsh. They are an excellent resource. Well worth using.
    However as has been mentioned it may have been harshly marked. My kids didn't do very well at all and I know of one other school who didn't do very well. I'm not sure what happened as the pupils were extremely positive when they came out of the exam.
    It also doesn't help that my school to not let me out on WJEC INSET days.
    See also this post: https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/514154.aspx
  2. Chad78

    Chad78 New commenter

    Tosha - I have made the decision to switch from OCR. My mind was made up when I compared the mark schemes for the CA tasks. WJEC tell you exactly what they want, no guess work.
  3. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    Yes the wjec spec has more info on it than the supposed template OCR accussed me of malpractice for using. Do not go near OCR!!!

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