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New trainee teacher, soooo happy!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Janna5, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I have taught in a school where Japanese was offered as a second MFL alongside Spanish and German. However unlike the other two languages where students were randomly allocated those studying Japanese were specially selected. This worked well enough for a couple of years. Then there was a demand for parity amongst the languages, So all students were randomly allocated. Now the Japanese students were mixed ability as opposed to just the bright and motivated everything changed. The class became very difficult to teach and the results took a dive.
    Japanese is no longer offered.
  2. Canteloube

    Canteloube New commenter

    I think Otter has made a valid and relevant point. Even the most competent linguists find Mandarin a challenge and the struggle to learn it requires complete dedication which is not something adolescents can always find. I read somewhere that 70% of our trade is done with Europe in French and German so those languages are important as it is unlikely that our trade with our near neighbours is going to change much. If you think about trading in Mandarin on a world scale then consider the word for buy and sell - mai. It is the same word: one pronounced with a second tone, the other with a third. Is it realistic to expect nationals from different parts of the world to be able to communicate in the business world in a language which is open to misunderstanding? The best scenario is surely that we offer pupils languages they are going to be able to use and also the possibility for the really keen to expand their horizons and plump for the more alternative ones.
  3. Hi! Congratulations -

    Having just completed the PGCE, I reccommend you:

    - scrub up on your grammar;

    - become amazing at completing whizzy power points;

    - learn another language - such as Spanish as you will be expected to have two languages, will struggle to get a job wothout 2 and I would recommend Spanish as it is easy to learn if you have French and a large number of schools teach it;

    - check out lingualicious which as the most incredible resources, as well as MYLO - great ideas on there too;

    -get two lever arch files for your QTS standards and 33 dividers - become a filing diva - it will make your life easier (go to http://www.tda.gov.uk/trainee-teacher/qts-standards.aspx?keywords=standards).

    Have a great time and relax so that you are ready to hit the ground running!
  4. Congratulations Louisa,
    and thank you very much for the TDA page, it makes it so clear now!
    About the two lever arch files:Did you use only two?
    Some students were talking about 12? Which is ... brrrrr
  5. 8 out of 9 were lever arch. They kill a lot of trees on this course

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