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new topic or more revision?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by muffinmops, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    I have been teaching AS andd A2 sociology for the first time since September 2011. I have found it difficult and feel that it has consumed my life as hard as I try not to let it.

    In January shall I start the new unit or continue with the previous unit until after the exam in January. I have completed both full units with As and A2 and would rather move on now, because there is only so many times I can repeat myself. They have done exam practice and I have given them a revision booklet. I don't want to lose time with the new units I am teaching from Jan- June. I feel I might be cheating them if I just move on before the exam- Can any experienced teachers please advise. Thanks a lot
  2. blt

    blt New commenter

    It's a tricky one - and i've had the same thing in the past. Even when I decide to crack on with the new unit, they can often seem distracted and just want to focus on the exam.

    Go with your gut feeling - if you have already taught everything, had chance for some exam practice and they have a revision booklet then you've done everything you can. Why not start teaching the new unit, explaining to them that you have to start the new topic or else there won't be enough time (if you want, explain that's why some centres do not enter in January - all the time it loses). Maybe you could promise not to set any homework until after they have sat their exam?
  3. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    Thanks for your help. In my heart I want to move on and start the new one, so I think I will try that. I'll be prepared to be flexible to have the last couple of lessons before the exam to recap again. I appreciate your advice
  4. I wonder if you shouldn't ask the class how they feel? Are they ready for more yet, or would they appreciate a bit of consolidation? Sometimes they can give you the cue. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy and see what they say.


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