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New toilet training article!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Coolgiraffe, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

  2. I blame pull ups! Our parents seem so worried their chi;ld will have an accident they pop them inot pull up nappies during the day to come to nursery and the child doesn't have the need to use a toilet.
    We remind children to go to the toilet, change those who are wet or have pooed with a cheerful face and have a changing policy with large box of gloves, aprons, wipes; BUT I am not going to toilet train the children. I think some parents hope I will before they go to Reception.
  3. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    I must be one of the lucky ones! Apart from a few accidents here and there, there is only one child who isn't toilet trained and we have serious concerns about this child.
  4. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    We have about 50% of our new intake each time who are still in nappies at 3 years old!
    Apparently the health visitors are telling the parents not to force the issue as the child is probably not ready.
    Funny that because it takes us a couple of weeks of hard work but we get them trained in that time and the child is beaming with pride.
    The fault lies withing the health visiting teams who do not get parents to persevere. In todays world of convenience it's much easier for them to plonk a nappy on and hope that their child will be considered special needs enough to get disability benefit.
    Sorry for the moan but this is the norm in our area!

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