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New to Young voices

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ccass3, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. ccass3

    ccass3 New commenter

    Anyone out there got advice for attending Young Voices? First time for me next week and was wondering if anyone had tips on how to keep the kids entertained etc. Thanks in advance
  2. nical73

    nical73 Occasional commenter

    Been doing Young Voices for many years. They will be kept entertained just being there as you will have a couple of hours rehearsal and then a break for tea. Once they have eaten and you have done a few toilet trips you will be doing the concert. I have never experienced any boredom yet and there are so many people there there should be no need to worry about entertaining them yourself.
  3. pollycake

    pollycake New commenter

    Hi, I've stumbled on here after painstakingly trying to get a response from YV and their site isn't quite finished yet. Does anyone know how to actually register the total choir numbers attending the YV event? I believe the deadline is around 27th Sept? Need to get letters out to the parents. Thank you.
  4. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Take plenty of adult help. I never had any real problems with my KS2 choir, mostly girls. I always had the parents come and meet us and pick the children up from the event rather than bus them home which worked ok apart from the dozy duck who couldn't find us on one occasion. It was a venue that the parents knew on the whole and I did a thorough recce to decide where we should meet - just away from the exits but undercover. They are BIG events so keeping the children together, either in one big group or in smaller supervised groups, eg for toilet trips, is essential. It is a bit of a shout along in my experience but they loved it and the parents did too.
    I think I asked for parents phone numbers in the case of a problem.

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