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New to Year Two - topic ideas panic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sen3, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Can anyone give me any advice on what would be good topic areas for Year Two. I am new to the year and we have not changed topics to fit in with new curriculum yet as Year 2 doesnt start it until Sept. At the moment they do Fire, Space, Dinosaurs, India .......cant remember the rest! could anyone tell me what their school does? any ideas greatly appreciated
  2. hippo5226

    hippo5226 New commenter

    Hi! Am also in year 2 and have been on the new curriculum for after noon topics this year. We have done; out country, the great fire of London, around the world in 60 days, the Victorians and space. All these topics link to the new curriculum really well and the kids have annoyed them! Hope that helps

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