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New to year 6 and SATs - help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lnevil1, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. lnevil1

    lnevil1 New commenter

    I am currently teaching year 5 and after a successful year with my class my headteacher has asked me to move with them into year 6. It will be my first time in year 6 and am worrying already about my inexperience; I don't want to let my children or headteacher down. I was wondering if there are any experienced year 6 teachers out there who can offer my any guidance with regards to the SATs - what are the key things I need to ensure the children know/can do? I would really appreciate any help or guidance offered.
  2. Lisa - if you want to pm me I'm happy to help with any specific questions. Is there another Y6 teacher at your school that you can ask?
  3. lnevil1

    lnevil1 New commenter

    We only have one year 6 class so I won't have a year group partner which is a shame. My main concern at the moment is writing. The children are very poor across the school (to the point where I am still reminding my year 5s about capital letters and full stops!) What would you suggest are the main areas and skills I should focus on in teaching good writing techniques?

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