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New to Year 3/4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by beethan31, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    Hi all
    I'm moving to year 3/4 in September having taught KS1 and Foundation for the last 5 years. I'm looking forward to the change and have got some time now to start preparing myself and resources. Any essential things I need to think about/prepare ?? Or any advice/top tips for organisation etc greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance x
  2. All I would say is that the difference between a child joining Year 3 and one joining year 4 is quite large so be prepared to differentiate.
    Personally, I find both year groups lovely.
  3. My first two years of teaching were in a mixed Y3/4 class. They're great!
    Not sure if your previous experience was with mixed classes or not but my advice is just to treat them as a teaching 'group' and differentiate as you would any class. Also, due to the mixed year groups, I worked on a rolling programme of the Y3 and 4 objectives so they'd cover the lot after 2 years in my class
    Are you in the same school or have you moved? I've been KS2 for nearly 6 years and am applying to teach KS1. Any tips...?
    Anything else I can help with, let me know - am currently teaching Y4 x

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