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New to year 2: SAT's???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by willow777, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I had a choice of 2007 or 2009. Didn't look at either sets of papers even though they were in a box in my storeroom. What's the point of doing that? Your results would be brilliant and then everyone in KS2 would view you with suspicion and I don't think the Y3 teacher would be very pleased either. If I gave some of my children the answers every week, they still wouldn't get them right! The spelling test is PANTS! Don't narrow their education. Make each day an adventure. Read to them every day and DON'T ask them questions about every single thing that happens. Teach them some Michael Rosen poems from his site, they'll lap them up. Time to strike! Garden needs some attention. Hoe hoe hoe.
  2. The basic facts are that at the moment they have to do the KS1 SATs, but what is reported is the teacher assessment, not the test results. This means they are part of the assessment, not all of it.
    The SATs papers have to be ordered by October I believe. Our head orders ours, with us telling him what we want. New papers are no longer being written, so you need to choose between the 2007 or 2009 papers (there should be old copies of these at your school to have a look at them). You don't have to chose the same year in maths and literacy.
    You can adminster the tests at any point once you have recieved them. They don't have to be kept until later in the year. Our LEA suggested that in order for them to be a useful part of your assessment they could be used earlier in the year as a diagnostic tool, to help spot gaps etc. We did ours in May this year and looking back it was much too late as it is getting too late to address the issues they raise. You don't need to do them all in one go, so they can be spread out across the year if you like. Lots of schools use them traditionally by doing them in a period of a few weeks in May, but lots don't. We have decided to spread them out next year, starting with a couple in February. In this way it doesn't disrupt a whole half term or anything and is much less boring for the children (you do have to adhere to certain rules in the tests which makes it obvious that they are tests to the children)
    You need to get hold of the teachers handbooks for the tests you want them to sit and the purple book as these will explain the rules. The rule for writing is that you teach them the genre they will be covering in your usual teaching, but not for the specific topic they will get in the test, and you must not teach the genre at all in the week before the test. You can teach the content, so in the 2009 long writing task they need to write a non fiction report about nighttime, so they can have written a report about something different and they can have learnt about nighttime (but not written non fiction writing about it). The books explain it all, so it becomes clear as you do it.
    There is no point teaching to the test as it is the TA you are reporting, so you might as well make them as useful as possible. I know our school is very happy for us to do them over the year, but you would want to check this with your school as I think some schools see things differently. In our LEA they make it clear, for example, that if a child sits a level 2 test and scores very highly they wouldn't need to then sit the Level 3, as you could give them a Level 3 anyway if your other assessments confirm this.
    I would suggest booking onto your Implementing KS1 SATs course that your LEA should be running as I found the one I went to very useful.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    KS1 SATs /NC tests are teacher assessed over the whole year with the test material only being a small part of the process.
    Yes you are allowed to teach the tests prior to them being administered but they are only to confirm your TA as that is the level reported not the test marks.
  4. At my school we use the KS1 sats as a diagnostic assessment. We do them before easter - analyse the results and areas of strength. We then adapt our summer term planning in order to support and extend the children.
    i'm moving to year 1! byeeeeeeeeee
  5. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    thank you everyone for your comprehensive replies.
    singup: can i ask for information about this purple book? what is it called? do you have order details for it?
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Ir's called the ARA (assessment reporting arrangements) and can be viewed on line

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