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New to Year 1 distraught Early Years Teacher of 4 years needs help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by yohanalicante, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Blue rose aren't you really suggesting the next steps in 'teaching' not learning. These are young children. Are we really teaching them eg. addition as a concept and a skill, or are we responding to their real learning needs across a whole lot of development at one time but which we have arbitrarily divided and defined as'subject or skill' areas? Is it clear that there is a next step determined by the teacher for every 'area'?
    What is relevant and real for one child may not be so for another but that doesn't mean teachers have to contort themselves writting up separately for everyone all the time. DOes it really matter if we are off target. Isn't it the pretence of precision insertion of just the right 'knowledge' at just the right stage that deludes us into thinking children can't learn if it isn't ordered and consistent? Aren't they hungry, won't they devour it all he same and grow irregularly, opening their patterns beneath their sun, each with different but perfect and beautiful symmetr? Who is repsonsible for thisnew orthodoxy.
    They are very young, is it of any relevance or utilty to them that they move from eg adding one digit numbers and then onto two digits and that the teacher 'shares this with the children' ?. Maybe for older children this is a method which works for some, but for younger children perhaps it is an unecessarily abstract relationship along a hierarchical continuum of skills which they neither have nor need insight into nor need to have their progress along praised?
    I think differentiation has become such a charged term, linked to endless paper trails and grids, charts and ladders which in turn are somehow magically and 'scientifcally' converted into criteria for evaluation and quality measurement even of teachers ourselves and the ability to do the job in terms others are continually conceiving and re-conceiving, irrespective of our own ability to do that for ourselves?
    At its most simplest surely it is the knowing of each child and they knowing that you are responding to them as individually as possible within the restraints of 3o individuals. The way a teacher does that and the way they show their 'differentiation' effectively in practice is surely down to each teacher. down to personality and style, almost nothing to do with being able to fill in paper trail? Or to match a lesson objective to a lesson and march from A to B with no deviation, distraction or even change of direction?
    There are teachers all over this forum who are trying to seccond guess an inspection and observation system which steamrollers many into a flat two -dimensional charicature of their real abilities. Teachers who have bounced around from 'excellent' to 'satisfactory' to 'competence' and back and forth in sometimes very short spaces of time; yoyoing around, trying to compete with the lates framework, to return the latest serve and yet with the best will in their world are being found wanting depending on who,- and how, why, where and when,- does the observing.
    I think that is what is at the heart of what the OP is saying. She is raising questions for all of us. Why shoud she suddenly doubt herself and in what terms should she consider herself excellent. Isn't she one who there but for the grace of god(and her observer) go you and I. How can we put up with that and remain self-confident, inspired, chance taking, orthodoxy-challenging, young-people-connected, forward looking teachers?
  2. I had 3 different activities for the lesson for the different abilities in the class. 2 groups supported one working independent. I share the learning objective and success criteria with the children but because I am unsure of APP I feel I am muddling through the next steps. I know my children have made progress and I am very aware of their capabilities but it's proving it.
    Yes I could certainly visit other schools in my PPA time and I have asked to do this to but still nothing has been suggested for me. I am looking to get help from other places now as I won't be beat by this.
  3. maybe whole class teaching is the best, same objective but differentiated outcomes? Who says not?
  4. I WILL NEVER LOSE HEART. The children are to important to me.
    I do however need to toughen up, I am angry and I did speak up to this "pompous, powerful but ultimatley flawed emperor ," but it shot me down with one lash of it tongue! I understand the politics of this job all to well but the persecution we suffer on a daily basis from the constant threat of Ofsted is becoming umbearable.
    All I want is guidance to be better with the YR 1 curric to ensure I am doing the best for the children in my care.
  5. I see your thinking but from the inspectors comments yesterday this would not go down well. They suggested 1 objective, 1 activity differentiated by task!
  6. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Andrea, please try to put this behind you. I had the same experience, for years I consistantly had good or better observations from colleagues and OFSTED. Then the LA came into school to do a review and completely slated my teaching. It knocked me sideways for quite a while but I feel better now. I have come to the conclusion that people who work for the LA haven't been in the classroom for years, are not qualified to give judgements on lessons (especially if they have never taught in a primary classroom!!) and don't know what they're talking about most of the time.
    I believe that I am entitled to refuse to have themobserve me next time they come (in about 3 years) and am seriously considering exercising this.
    Remind yourself how good you are and try to put this behind you.
  7. greta444 thank you. I have stopped the tears now. They were probably more from exhaustion and frustration than what was said, it just hit me hard. I will take your advice and turn up smiling on Monday morning.
  8. re visits to other schools
    1) be practice and dont totally rely on others find name of another local school and email headteacher explaining that youre in y1, single form entry and would like to be able to link with other y1 teachers to share best practice could this be arranged for you to visit their y1
    2) put in writing what you feel you need to head re visits and might want to do this first and say you could do what ive put as 1 above but would it be better if HT did it

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