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New to the Scottish system, please help. Any Art and Design info would be great!

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by newtonlucy, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Im hoping to move to Scotland this August and have applied to the GTCS to see if I can register to teach as I qualified in England.
    Im just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the differences of Scottish and English systems? How do the exams run and which exam boards do you use? Im a secondary Art and Design Teacher and would be interested to know of current issues in Art and Education.
    Also, I have seen things written down as S1 and S2, what does this mean?? Any help would be great!

  2. I can answer some of your questions, but I'm not in your subject.
    School starts in Primary 1 (P1); We have 7 years in Primary, then start counting again at S1 - Secondary 1, which roughly equates to Y8. Standard Grade exam courses - equivalent to GCSEs - start in S3, and finish in S4. 'Highers' (S5 OR additional ones in S6) are one-year courses roughly equivalent to AS levels. Advanced Highers (S6) equate to A2s, but are not essential for university entrance - you can get in just on Highers (UCAS would provide a source of equivalent values).
    We also have Access qualifications (below SG level) and are supposed to be segueing into Intermediate 1 and 2 exams which should provide a smooth transition: Int1 is like a strong-level SG, and Int2 lies between Int1 and Highers. SGs are due to be phased out. We have one exam board, the SQA.
    It's like a foreign country, isn't it? ;-)
    There's masses of info on the LTS and SQA websites (Learning & Teaching Scotland / Scottish Qualifications Authority). Perhaps too much to take in all at once. Do you have any friends/contacts you can talk to or visit?
    Also, check out job adverts on myjobscotland.gov.uk

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