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New to the role of Senco

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by tandg, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I realise this reply is rather delayed but I would really appreciate having a nosey at the proformas as i'm just about to take on the senco role at my school and also carry out the Senco accreditation.
    Thanks very much in advance.
  2. Hi Sian
    I realise this post is old and hope you still respond!I am starting a new post as senco this week and would love copies too!Thank you
  3. Sorry forgot to send email address!
  4. Hi Sian,
    Like others seeking your help, I am also a new SENCo. I would very much appreciate if you don't mind sharing your resources with me too.
  5. hi Sian
    just spotted this thread and wondered if you would beable to share your resources with me
    many thanks
  6. I have been a secondary SENCo for 15 years but am still trying to get to grips with it! I am starting to fill in provision maps this year for the first time using a spreadsheet. I would be very interested in seeing what you use and how you do it. Dare I ask for the email you sent to everyone else?
    It was so good to see your comment about IEPs not being needed for SA, I have been trying to get this message to lots of SENCos as secondary IEPs are always such a problem anyhow.
    Many thanks

  7. Hi Sian,
    You must be fed up of this request - please can you send me copies of the above too?

    Thank you in anticipation
  8. Hi,

    Sounds amazing! Please may I have a copy too?
  9. I have just discovered this forum and would - like others - be so very grateful if you could share your resources regarding SEN. I am worried I am not up to speed with the shake up that is looming and dont know where to start to get to grips

    Thanks in advance
  10. Hi,
    I am about to apply for the role of senco and am unsure where to start. Please could I have a copy. I know you have been inundated with requests but any help would be truly appreciated, Thank you

  11. ................maybe would be easier if I enclosed my email address!


    thanks in advance again
  12. Hi Sian

    I have only just seen this post and would appreciate it if you would kindly forward any resources on SEN to my email please.



  13. sem022

    sem022 New commenter

    Hi Everyone!
    I have just discovered this thread, I am also in the process of overhauling our SEN procedures and record keeping - BIG JOB! But I have found that the NA SENCo has been really helpful to prepare me for all of the things that need to be done.
    Does anyone have an "Overview" of documents that need to be done over the course of the year, like a year planner or something similar??
    Many thanks!
  14. I would really appreciate some advice as I was a secondary school LS teacher and am about to take up a SENCo role in an indep 7-13 school.
  15. happymiss

    happymiss New commenter

    I am a new inclusion manager and am finding the role a little daunting! Begin the Uni course next month though so am hoping that will help. Local Sencos have also been really helpful. Could I poss be cheeky and ask for the bits and bobs emailed to me too? It's amy.purser@gmail.com - would be hugely appreciated!
    Thank you in advance..!
  16. Hello Sian, I would be most grateful to receive a copy of these documents. Thank you.

  17. If you're still checking this post, and willing to, would you also send me all the forms too please.


    Thank you.
  18. Have sent u an email

  19. If you need any information then email at sparkle1978@live.com Have lots of information that will help you all and linked to the new SEND practice too

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