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New to the role of Senco

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by tandg, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. sian, you may be getting fed up with all the requests but I hope you can squeeze me in too - I'm starting the role from scratch from September and am desperate for any help available. gerbiljess@fsmail.net
    Thanks v much!
  2. Dear Sian

    Would it be possible to join in and ask too?

    It would be really helpful to me to see a copy of your provision map just to get my head around the idea or any other info that may also help.


    Thank you [​IMG]
  3. You both have mail! I know there were 2 other people who wanted to have a look, but I didn't get chance to see the e-mail addresses before the website changed! Leave your e-mails again and Id be happy to send the stuff I have. Sian x
  4. Can I jump on the band wagon please? I am hoping to over haul SEN in my school....

  5. You have mail! It's not just you mohawkvic, i keep pressing 'report abuse' instead of reply!! Grrr, i don't like change!!
  6. Hi Sian, could I please hav a copy too!!!

    Am just starting my second year as SENCO but without the comfort blanket of my line manager who knew everything SEN! (she unfortunately retired)

    I have only just found this forum and am relieved to have done so...love it!

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi,

    I am New to this also, I would be very greatful of your forms etc. My Email is reynoldsdeanrsf@aol.com

    Thank you so much in advance.
  8. You all have mail, sorry it's taken me so long! How's everyone settling into their role? We've started trialling our provision maps and all of our interventions, it hasn't been easy!
  9. Hi Sian

    I know you wrote this reply a while ago but I am nw to SENCo role and would really appreciate any help! Have just started a new job as SENCo where there are lots of SEN children but not many IEPs. Any advice on how to encourage staff to complete IEP's would also be useful - there are even statemented children who havent had an IEPsince 2005!

    Email is sineadmellor@googlemail.com

    Hope you've had a good start to the year

  10. Sorry to be a pain, but would it be possible to have a copy of your proformas. I'm especially interested in the provision mapping as we are looking to revamp things at our school. Thank you for your help.

  11. Is there any chance of sending me a copy as well, please, Ive just started CACHE level 3 Teaching Assistant course and my homework for this week is SENCO's !!


    Thank you

  12. Hi Sian,

    I am new to the role of SENCo too and I have lots to do and to learn...

    Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your highly requested proformas?

    Many thanks


  13. angrypuppy

    angrypuppy New commenter

    Hi Sian -

    would love the chance to have a look at your proformas - any chance of a copy

  14. Hi Sian

    I know you've been inundated but I am 6 months into SENCo role and desperately trying to improve the systems in place. Sounds as if your stuff may be useful - any chance you could mail it to me?


  15. Hi I am also new to the role. Any chance you could email me the info. Thanks very much for your help.

    Email: mrpunch12@btinternet.com
  16. Hi Sian, please can I also take advantage of kindness and expertise? My e-mail address is katiemurphs@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you so much.
  17. I know this was posted a long time ago but if you still have a copy of this would you mind letting me have one? I would be very grateful. audreysmith@btopenworld.com
  18. Sian,
    I would really appreciate a copy of your forms and any info on provision mapping. I'm doing the new SENCo course and this would help with my profolio. My address is sarah_louisewicks@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance.


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