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New to teaching Level 3 BTec National Certificate in Art and Photography

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by perilowr, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. perilowr

    perilowr New commenter

    As of September, we will be teaching the Level 3 Btec with an option unit of Art or Photography as opposed to A Level Fine Art/Photography. No member of staff has taught this course previously. If anyone has any guidance, words of wisdom or are located in London and wouldn't mind a friendly visit your help would be much appreciated.
    It is to my understanding that the core unit papers are given at the end of year 1 and unit 3 at the end of year 2: Unit 1 Visual recording in January and Unit 2 Contextual Research in March with Unit 3 Creative project in January of the second year, allowing for option units to be taught from September through to Christmas. The only briefs that are available online do not suit our resources however our center has suggested not to write our own briefs as we are new to the course. (We do not have access to dark room facilities and limited camera equipment)
    I am assuming, as the same as level 2, an assessment plan will be required and sow spanning the two years and the content delivered? I am currently planning to follow the example sow on Pearson, however, the structure of this isn't too clear as units overlap and I'm not sure if this would mean more than one assignment brief for each unit or how the GLH would be taught for each brief if split up or when the internal or external assessments would occur if this is the case.
    Any advice...?
  2. forthejoyofit

    forthejoyofit New commenter

    OK. We changed to the NQF Level 3 last September. I followed the plan sent out by Edexcel. Between September and January we did Optional Unit 12, this meant Lower VIth students were all doing the same project but chose whatever media they developed best skills in. I think the Photography Option is Unit 9. Someone from Edexcel came to see us and standardised our Unit 12 marking. From late January to whenever the deadline for hand-in is (after Easter) we did Unit 1 the externally set assignment 'Labyrinthine' and sent all that off to be marked. After this I gave the students this year's Unit 2 to practice on, sticking to the five week deadline. This I marked using the online exemplar, just to see where they are at.It was a useful eye-opener.
    In September now, the Upper VIth will do Unit 3, split it into two parts, Learning aims A&B then C&D, using the format of suggested assignments online but tweaking the projects to suit the co-hort/what's on in Galleries/something to sustain their interest, (as I did for Unit 12) It is a big Unit. Hopefully they will finish by the deadline ready to tackle the externally set new Unit 2 title next March - the most difficult one IMHO especially for the dyslexic students Art naturally attracts.

    I love it when management think you can just pull an assignment off edexcel; Art isn't like other subjects.

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