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new to supply teaching - how much will I get paid?!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Fi37, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi, I've recently started doing a bit of supply at my kids school (asked by the head and not through an agency). I taught for 4 years then had 9 years out to have kids. Can anyone let me know how much I'll get paid by the LEA? Have only done one morning and an afternoon so far! Thanks
  2. You'll probably get one of two rates, but you'll need to clarify which with the headteacher. Option 1 is that you'll be paid at an hourly rate matched to your Mainscale Point - probably M5 based on your experience, which roughly equates to £17 an hour. Option 2 is that you're working for a school within an LA that pays a fixed supply rate, for my LA it's £24.96 an hour.

    Two other options: Option 3 is that the headteacher thought you'd do it for nothing!? Option 4 is that your headteacher is expecting you do do the equivalent of 1 day as a trial run unpaid before deciding whether to give you more work - I've heard of this happening in several schools in a neighbouring authority!

    Either way, I would advise you to find out before you do any more supply work........
  3. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    Have you considered asking the LA?
  4. Your school or LEA should have taken employment history and confirmed your scale point and rate of pay. Depending which LEA you work in, you should get paid 1/195 annual scale point "day rate" per day, or something like 5.25/1265 hours of annual pay scale, "hourly rate" for a day's work. You will be much better of in the day rate authority, where one day equals 6.48 hours.
  5. Lol the head isn't asking me to do it for nothing or as an unpaid trial!! I've filled in all the paperwork and they have my bank details etc etc. I've got some more bookings though not til after Christmas so just relying on teachers being sick now!! It's a small school and I'm doing this until a part time job comes up nearby (here's hoping...). The LEA counts 3.5 hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon. Will find out if it's an hourly rate. Thught someone may know but didn't realise there were different ways of being paid. Looking forward to any pay after 9 years!

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