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new to supply teaching hints/tips appreciated....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by geffone, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. You may find most of your work will be covering Art. Good call to have plenty of pens pencils and enough paper for one secondary lesson (reload on the hoof as necessary) I carry 30 sheets lined and 30 sheets plain.
    As you are an experienced art teacher then look back and remember your own favourite lessons, Also at the end of the day you will have done Art from other cultures, Aboriginal Art always a favourite on art KS3 schemes of work for example.
    I personally do not have loads of stuff on rewards, if the school let me know what the reward system is, or sometimes I find out on the hoof and use it.
    Expectations I personally do not make things complicated with writing things up, however it is personal judgement and what works for you. However a very important issue for me is how I do my supply introduction to the class. This sets the tone, act like a supply teacher and you will be treated like one!
    Teaching Art, The crem de crem of practical teaching is organizing paints, and clear up procedures. Not trying to be patronizing but take even more care than you used to, and always start clearing up in good time.
    Teaching other subjects, I would try not to carry to much, but I would be prepared with some basic general worksheets, numeracy literacy.
    Art HOD's come in all sorts, some are control freaks and some are flaky, I prefer the flaky ones!

  2. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    Hey, welcome to supply! The first piece of advice I wanted to give you is to not expect much work in secondary supply. Many of the secondary teachers (and some primary) here are struggling to get a day a month. The overuse of cover supervisors has meant they are often used instead. Sometimes secondary teachers are sent to primary but with many primary supplies about looking for days this is also getting less common. Sorry to be the glum kid but I thought you ought to know, instead of feeling down. Secondary supplies are often put for long term posts so hopefully you will get one of those floating about. I cant give much other advice as I am Primary trained. Make sure your bag and lunch are packed and keep your phone near you just in case.
  3. Yep artyparty other issues, are you working for an agency?
    You may get a call in the morning to go to a desperate for an art teacher school. So be ready and prepared on your navigation procedures.
    Satnav is a must if you drive, (mine is bust at the mo) but have a bit of work at the mo so I will buy a new one when I get paid.
    On an agency call in the morning, beware, agencies will try and grind your day rate down, so be prepared to do some hard negotiation, which may even mean saying NO.
    Tough game supply at the moment, children are the last of our problems!
  4. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    You sound very organised and prepared and I'm sure will cope easily with supply.
    One tip I have is to prepare a memory stick full of emergency lessons and activities in the event you are left with no cover work. This can be quite common particularly if you are covering for an unplanned absence when a teacher is ill. Being able to cope when this happens and not causing extra work for an already flustered HOD is the sort of thing schools appreciate and will get you asked back.
    For subjects other then Art you can find plenty of resources under the resources link on this site. Try to find stand alone lessons so there is no problem with "fitting in " with the SOW.
    Also don't worry too much if you don't get much work to start off with, it takes a while to get a name for yourself. However once established you might find that you prefer supply to a regular post, it certainly keeps you "on the ball".
  5. Join employment agencies that are not just teaching as even minimum wage in a mind-destroying job is better than £65 a week JSA. If you are Art use your spare time to produce something that sells to generate money, you will enjoy doing it and you get a little bit closer to paying your bills. Make every moment profitable in some way.
  6. Thank you everyone for your tips! really helpful!
    Yes unfortunately I am aware that work is a bit thin at present with supply...which is a bit depressing! Hopefully I can make a good impression so I am asked back! i have been doing some arty things on the side to sell but it still isnt going to pay my rent.. its a worrying time! Especially with a toddler to support!

    thanks again for your tips! i shall come back and let you know how it goes once i get my first job!


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