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New to supply and doing TA work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Jenerena, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. I've signed up with a few agencies having just finished my Primary PGCE. I'm going away soon so I only have a week left to do work before the summer holidays. One agency I just signed up with asked me if I would consider doing TA work, as she had some work coming up for 4 days next week. It's less pay, but I agreed to it. It's a 1:1 TA cover, so I will be working closely with a particular child.
    Am I silly to do this, even though I am a qualified teacher? I've been reading through some posts and I'm a bit concerned that perhaps I'm under-selling or 'cheating' myself. I lost a fair bit of confidence after my last placement and I feel it would be good for me. It won't be long term, and from September I will want to do teaching work. However, if work is sparse, I have agreed i will do TA work as work is work. I could have got teaching work, but I decided it wasn't worth the risk at the time of not getting any.
    I'm just wondering what your thoughts are about doing this. After all, 1:1 will give great experience.
  2. smartchick

    smartchick New commenter

    It is good experience but you have to be really careful with agencies. They will always try to sweet talk you into the jobs that aren't getting filled ie TA work. You need to be firm and refuse from September as if they realise you are willing they will keep giving you the same story how there is not a lot of teaching work at the mo etc etc
  3. I think you should get in there and enjoy a few days in school. You are getting paid and under no pressure as you have finished your course.If you are supplying in September be firm with the agencies then, but for now just go in, get a bit of experience in a different role and have a good look at the school and how things work there. That is always interesting. Good luck !

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