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New to role of KS1 Coord and flummoxed by expectations regarding data.

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by dizzymai, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    First of all, I am no expert! But I have picked up the following as Literacy co ordinator and working with CLL co ordinator and Y2 teacher.

    Do you have a CLL co ordinator? (Letters and Sounds). If not, you need to track and monitor which children are where and their progress. You school should have trackings systems in place and children should be moving through the phases according to the guidelines. Any children who are languishing in a phase for too long should be identified and targetted. Talk to the Reception teacher about how L and S is tracked and monitored. Who teaches Ls and Ss? Do they need refresher training?

    Next- do the Numeracy and Literacy co ordinator do planning and book scrutinies? You need that information if they do. If they don't, you need to do it or ask them to. You need teachers to hand in targets and progress with targets.
    What does the data tell you? What is KS1 weaknesses? WHat is the library like? How do children feel about their learning? You could do some pupil conferencing to kick off your job. You might want to do a Learning Walk and see what needs doing in the classroom- are there working walls? Are the classrooms good learning environments?
    I would talk to whoever is in charge of Teaching and Learning. If they can't help you, I would ask if you could meet with other Ks1 co ordinators and observe best practice and bring it to your school.

    HTH and gives you some ideas.

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