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New to Reception - top tips

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by leafyvegetables, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I am moving from Year 3 to Reception in Sept. I'm really excited about this move, but very worried about doing a good job.

    So, I'm looking for words of wisdom and advice from the experts. What would be your top tip for me as a Reception teacher?

  2. Hi all

    I am moving from Year 3 to Reception in Sept. I'm really excited about this move, but very worried about doing a good job.

    So, I'm looking for words of wisdom and advice from the experts. What would be your top tip for me as a Reception teacher?

  3. start clothes shopping in tesco, tk maxx, matalan - anywhere cheap. That way when you go home covered in pva, glue, sick, wee etc you won't mind! And buy trousers - far easier for stepping over children, outside play or crawling around on the carpet!
  4. leafyvegetables I am in this position too... I was very excited but it's getting closer I am getting more and more apprehensive!! Would love to swap tips with you!
  5. I am also moving to Reception, but from Year 2.
  6. Be prepared...very prepared! I made this move from Year 2 to reception two years ago and it was a huge shock to my system!!

    There is a massive change to daily routine, especially in September when you will quickly realise how little the children can do by themselves...the idea of even lining up is alien to them!!

    Be prepared to be absolutely exhausted in the daytime and be on the go all the time, year 2 is nothing compared to reception!

    However..there is far less marking to do which is fantastic and does tend to free up your evenings a lot more :)

    I absolutely love teaching in reception - you get the freedom that you are never allowed in KS1 and beyond and I'd never go back! Good Luck! if you need any help with planning etc just give me a shout!
  7. Good luck guys, glad you're excited as you're moving to the best job in the school- don't your colleagues, they'll be jealous.
    Top tips-
    -Don't plan too much.
    -Look at the Principles into Practice stuff that comes with the EYFS. Some genuinely useful, challenging things to think about.
    -Make sure you're available for parents- at the door in the morning- having a nice chat- invite them in to help in the class- getting the parents on board as partners
    - resist pressures to start 'formal' whole class hours of anything- Literacy etc. Make play the most valuable thing you do - it's not what the kids are 'allowed to do' after their real work. It is their real work!
    - organise your classroom into inviting areas where children can work independently with access to the resources they need.
    - Checklist for your classroom
    Space for privacy?
    Space for relaxation?
    Space for fine motor? peg boards, hammer and nails, tiny dolls furniture etc
    Space for gross motor? big brushes, ribbons, squidgy balls (!)
    Snack area/ free access to water?
    Child related display- a board that the children can add to?
    Books and other reading materials?
    Signs and labels in type and handwriting?
    Art materials?
    Music/ movement opportunities?
    Construction- big and small?
    Dramatic play?
    Investigative/ science/ natural world?
    ICT resources?
    Promoting diversity?

    Um, sorry...ranting on... Just follow your instincts.You've obviously been put in Reception because your Head thinks you're great! Children want to learn- spend time observing their interests and you'll soon know how to engage them.
    Good luck, you'll love it.
  8. Thanks for that. Some great ideas! Certainly looking forward to it but am finding it hard to imagine what they'll be like and what they'll be able to do when they come in!
  9. Things that threw me last year:
    The amount of time spent teaching them to use a water fountain, go to the toilet independently, line up, hang up their own coats, change for PE etc.

    At my open evening I made sure I asked the parents to practise getting dressed, putting on and taking off coat and wiping own bum!

    Always have plenty of tissues to hand (but economy boxes out of Tesco etc by bulk!)

    Take them outside as often as possible if you don't have access for free flow.

    It is fantastic fun and I'd wouldn't change it for the world

  10. Thank you everyone

    I am expecting tp be physically tired and frustrated at the lack of independence (compared to in my current class). But I am probably underestimating this and it will be a huge shock to the system in Sept. My main concern is how to structure the day and activities/areas and the classroom organisation/management. Can anyone give me examples of how they do this?

    I am sure I will be on here crying for help in Sept, but I agree that it is exciting and am really looking forward to the freedom of EY
  11. LeafyVegetables you will love it! I moved from Reception after having done 3 years there and have just spent this year in Year 3. I now have a new job and will be going back to Reception in September. It is exhausting but it is fantastic!
  12. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    I know this is an old one but can I bump for new ideas and advice?
    Things have moved on so much with EYFS, where's a good place to start preparing?
  13. EYFS would only apply if you were teaching in England. The OP doesnt say where she is teaching.
  14. adding to that EYFS may go out window now, due to new govt ideas. stay in ks1 or ks2 where you are actually allowed to teach!!!
  15. what are they planning if EYFS goes out the window then? Moving from Y1 to FS2 in sept maybe i should have stayed lol!
  16. from what i can read between lines of the skeleton policy, looks like we going back to teaching in reception about 6 years ago, litercy hour numeracy hour then topic and play in afternoon. hoping it will be clear soon. yes think year 1 and 2 staying similar so you shpuld be fine. x
  17. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    There has never been a requirement for a literacy or numeracy hour in reception or in fact in any class
  18. leafyveg
    First and foremost - you are teaching very young children. They are the most important. You need loads of energy and enthusiasm as well as knowledge of what to teach.
    Do have a good sense of humour. Don't be 'precious'
    Do dress sensibly but not too expensively because what you wear will get ruined
    Do be warm - you will be very well rewarded
    Do expect to enjoy each and every day. It's your attitude that will see you through the tough times.
    Do be an advocate for Early Years teaching - it's the best!!

    Enjoy yourself - it's infectious!

  19. where did you find this out sindy? I'm interested in any plans for the early years (as I'm sure we all are!) but can't find anything myself?
  20. BUMP
    Hope you don't mind, but I think this could continue to be a useful thread for lots of people, including myself!!! [​IMG]

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