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New to reception and child with autism

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by workaholic1985, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi

    New to reception next year and have a child with autism starting with me (who shold be starting in year 1 but was kept down a year at nursery)

    To keep a long story short child will not be getting 1:1 to start and may get 1:1 if parents pay for it.

    I would really just like advice on things that may help this child settle into the class, things i can do to help him with the social side of things or just any ideas or thoughts from anyone who has had experience with children with autism.

  2. Hi
    I too have a child who we suspect has autism (no diagnosis as yet) but he is showing some signs of autism and is known to other agencies.
    We have met with his key worker at nursery who came and took photo's of the classroom and me and other staff, which they are using with him at the moment - I thought this was excellent practice!
    A visual timetable will help him (and other children) and his own personal timetable may also be good. Also use NOW and NEXT, now we are playing in the sand, next it is snack time. You could even have these on cards so that he associates the words with what's happening.
    We have also noticed on induction visits that he responds to quite firm instructions.
    I'm new to EYFS (but not teaching) and have had a few children over the years with autism/aspergers and they are all different and challenging in their own way!
  3. Thank you for your advice.

    I have been teaching a whil also but never in reception.

    I love the now and next idea and will try this out with him come September

    Thank you again for your ideas
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Every child with autism is different as it is such a huge spectrum so you need to know the child before you know what will be best. Does he have a solid diagnosis? Is there an EP involved?
    Visual time tables help some children with ASD others hate them ... I had one child who binned his every day along with any photographs of him from displays.
    So children have sensory difficulties - lights, noise, touch can be triggers. We had one boy who sat under the table at lunchtime (noise), another who liked to put his head in the water tray (sensory)...
    Find out as much as you can about him then you can plan for his specific needs
  5. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    I have a child coming in next year with ASD. We've already done a whole series of visits to class and his keyworker from pre-school has taken lots of photos and (bless her) is making up a book for him for the holidays. We are going to give him a phased introduction in September. The visits have all gone very well. Our main issue will be that he is still in nappies, although pre-school and his family are working very hard to change that.

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