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New to Preschool - Desperate for any advice on Timetable/Ideas ESL

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by miadup_mia, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. miadup_mia

    miadup_mia New commenter

    In 2 weeks I'm starting in the preschool room of a private nursery, and have complete flexibility and freedom to do with the children and class.
    It's a class of 18, most of them are ESL.
    The classroom smaller than ones I have seen, art is done in the hallway outside the room and the outside area is downstairs for example.
    I would like to overhaul the planning (and the structure of the day) but I'm really struggling with how to make it work. Would you (or anyone else reading) mind sending me a copy of your timetable please? Or any ideas that works well with ESL.
    The nursery starts at 8 and run until 12.30 when everyone goes home.

    If you can email it to miadup.mia@gmail.com or even reply on the thread - - I would really appreciate it as I'm a bit lost and overwhelmed at the moment.

    I am planning to incorporate a book of the month which I'll to read to them daily (along with other books of course) and will be doing Letters and Sounds Phase 1 (Starting from the Alliteration part)
    Do you bring in Jolly Phonics alongside Letters and sounds?

    Also, is it a good idea to bring in Show and tell, potentially every day at the end of once a week? They do not have a lot of confidence and I want to work on that too.

    Any advice will honestly be so much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance xxx

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