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New to PE lead

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jayandkaymawson, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. jayandkaymawson

    jayandkaymawson New commenter

    Hi I am new to the PE role and our school has very few links at the moment and I would like to build up opportunities for our kids but I’m not sure where to start! I’m in the North West of England any one know where to start?

  2. tp567

    tp567 New commenter

    Have you got a local School Sports Partnership? It's probably the best place to start.
  3. rhodes94

    rhodes94 New commenter

    Hi, i have been a primary PE teacher in yorkshire for 6 years.

    The biggest thing is making sure your pe premium is posted on your school website and the funding is allocated correctly as ofsted can fail your school if its not done.

    I am willing to give you a few more pointers if you want. My email is j.rhodes@pepartner.co.uk
  4. mrdennis

    mrdennis New commenter

    I would start by contacting local Primary Schools and asking to speak to their PE coordinators. Its all about the contacts! Find out what's popular in your area for competitions and who the School Games Organiser in your area (or SGO) is. You could search School Games on Google and register for free.

    I teach in Lincolnshire and created a website www.primarylincs.co.uk once I'd established a contacts list and we now have 20+ schools involved with football. We also attend events organised by our SGO.

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