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New to head of year role and OFSTED due!

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by robby64, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Invariably the anticipation and waiting is far worse than the inspection itself. Don't prepare any paperwork for the sake of it. Ofsted tend not to look at much paper these days. It's highly unlikely you'll speak to any inspectors. They will be far more interested in talking to pupils and they will usually select the pupils to speak to.
    If your role involves collating data on exclusions, detentions, rewards, your HT might ask you to summarise things so s/he can present information in a self evaluation or as information to inspectors but these days, schools usually have an electronic system for this.
    It's possible that inspectors will be trailing some pupils, perhaps SEND pupils and want to know background details of the pupil. This might involve a short talk to you but it probably won't happen.
    Your SMT will definitely know the pressure staff are under. Multiply it by five and that's the kind of pressure they will be feeling when there's an inspection. I kid you not.
  2. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    Have you had to complete a YIP - year improvement plan? This may well be on a school-wide proforma so it would be similar to what the HODS are doing. You would say what needs to change to ensure that the students are making demonstrable academic progress and how and when you will measure this.
    What interventions have you put in place so that different groups eg those on FSM do not fall behind?
    How do reward the majority who are doing the right thing?
    Do you monitor their attendance? How many persistent absentees do you have? What is being done to address this issue?
    How many are on the SEN register? Statemented? Are you working with the SENCO/Learning Support to monitor their achievement? (This is a very important issue)
    How do you support whole school literacy? Again, very important. Do you liaise with the literacy co-ordinator/ Teaching and Learning group?
    Behaviour - what are you doing to support challenging students? Do some case studies saying what the issues were and what you did about it eg involving outside agencies like connexions or writing a CAF
    Hope these ideas are helpful. I was a year head and went through Ofsted a couplE of years ago. I wasnt interviewed, but had a lot in place just in case.


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