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New to FE teaching and have been given no guidance for marking, assessments and delivery

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by SunnySide26, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. SunnySide26

    SunnySide26 New commenter


    I'm currently doing my L5 DET and have just got my first teaching role (started 2 days ago) but of course, we are not in work. I know what units I would of been teaching.

    I've been given no guidance on anything but have been handed 3 units to mark for a L3 BTEC course (foundation and extended diploma)... now I have not marked in my life (my old role was purely delivery) and have had no guidance on where to start. I've checked the Pearson and BTEC website but do you have any advice please? I feel so lost right now.


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  2. sweetsaregood

    sweetsaregood New commenter

    Hi there, in the specification for your qualification there will be assessment guidance for each unit. You can use this to help you to determine what criteria have been met and then the grade to award, it will have specifics of what should be included to warrant p, m, d.

    For some units there is also sample marked work, but not all unfortunately.
    Happy to help anymore if I can. :)
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  3. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    I know what units I would have been teaching. How can we expect students to use standard English when teachers can't?
  4. JJ83

    JJ83 New commenter

    There should be like an assignment criteria table on Pearson (or whoever you are using) which gives criteria for all P, M, D and D* sections.
    I have taught and marked Level 3 hundreds of times so happy to help if you need it
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  5. FlyingFoxBat

    FlyingFoxBat New commenter

    "I know what units I would have been teaching."

    'Saluki', I can't help but notice that you seem to have a penchant for making rather snide 'put downs'...
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