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New TES Jobs design and search

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fleetingsound, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    The only reason they'd be 'bricking it' would be because of negative comments from posters who are responsible for advertising school positions on here. As always money is what motivates and the loss of revenues would have immediate impact and be the ultimate review of their changes.
    Once a quality alternative is found in life, how often do we return to an inferior option, especially one proven to ignore consumer preferences.
  2. Hmmmm.......it appears as though they are half listening. The map is back, along with a link to "all international jobs." Only clicking on it takes you to the exact same page where I have to click a further six links to go through them all.
    Under the old system I had a link bookmarked that took me straight to the page, 50 jobs per page, arranged by order of posting. One click. Simple and efficient. 3-4 pages of job ads later, and I'd finished. Now it takes eight clicks just to get to the first page of each category.Then however many to go through each category. Madness.
  3. Actually while they are tinkering, how about an improvement to the 'search' feature? Once I've thrown in a keyword and made my way through several pages of results, I have to go back through them all to try another keyword.
    Why can't we have a 'new search' button on the search results page? At the moment there's only a search button on the main threads page.

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