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New TES Jobs design and search

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fleetingsound, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    "many real teachers" are also commenting on here that the new design and layout is worse. I would say it is simply bad and unhelpful to the user.
  2. I must also agree that the changes are very poor! It's so much more difficult and time consuming.

    I used to put in my post code. 20 mile radius.
    (Although I do like the option have choosing this! One positive)
    And then I would pick and choose my subjects, for me this is Science and Physics, maybe Pastoral.
    I didn't have to worry about type of school, they all came up.

    The sooner this is rectified the better!
    TES Jobs is way too important to us job seekers to mess this up!
  3. I have to say I am finding the new site very frustrating to say the least. A good website should be easy to use and intuitive for the majority of users. There are far too many categories and one is forced to go down the list to decide what you want to do before searching. There should be a keyword search on the fromt page that is what people want to do. Job hunting is time consuming we don't have the time to learn how to navigate the job search page before we see the jobs we are looking for. In this case it is clear even when you persevere with the page, the pool of jobs available is not a true reflection of what the hold database holds. This must be hugely irritating for the many schools advertising who have paid good money for teachers like us to see their posts. Please change it back to what it was quickly or address the concerns many posters have already shared... we were very happy with it... You have succeeded in putting many job searchers off at a time when the international recruting season is about to kick off!
  4. it's a shocker. I just want to look for jobs where I live - because some advertisers put biology, some put sciene and I want to look in independent and state sectors. It's just illogical
  5. gail_sharratt

    gail_sharratt New commenter

    Having grappled with the website for a week or so now, I still can't find how to search by subject (i.e. business studies) in the international jobs. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
    1) I go to the jobs section
    2) I then click on the international jobs channel
    3) In the search box at the top of the page I type business studies
    The result of which is I get UK and overseas jobs combined.
    The alternative seems to be to choose a school type FIRST and then the subject - adding a nother layer between me and the information.
    I'll repeat what others have said. Not an intuitive website and a backward step for the TES. Poor show!

  6. The old jobs page need to be made available again. That is what everyone wants.

    I got an email alert about a job today but when I go to the jobs page and try to find the advert it is nowhere to be found!
  7. lunarita

    lunarita Lead commenter

    The new jobs page might be a real bonus for employers.
    It could ensure that schools receive fewer applications, meaning that busy SMT waste less time on a sift because only Very Keen Applicants will actually find the advert.
  8. Can we have a filter option where we can see ALL international jobs. Dare I say it would address a significant number of the concerns raised here!!
  9. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Such a filter is already in place in the UK, in the form of a very onerous application form. OK, so many schools use one because they are convinced that it's a legal requirement for safe recruitment. Fair enough, but try sending them a really detailed application form, which does fulfil this requirement, and has all the information that their form asks for, and they will still insist that you go through the Sisyphean task of transcribing everything onto their own form. Sick, or what?

    But I think you are probably correct. SMT has been seen to being going through the motions of getting a teacher. But it's not their money paying for the advert, so the less applicants the better. And, is it more a question of the Very Keen, or the Very Desperate?
  10. Update to the TES Jobs service
    Tomorrow our program of improvements to the TES Jobs service continues with the following new search features:
    Search by all subjects or all positions
    To help people who want to search for jobs in more than one subject or role we've added links to "All subjects" and "All positions" to the following jobs search pages:
    Secondary teaching jobs
    Further education teaching and lecturing jobs
    Independent senior teaching jobs
    You will find the links at the top of the red navigation box. Once you have got the search results you can then filter by location using the links on the left hand side of the screen - or use the postcode search and make use of the new TES Jobs map search feature.
    Headteaching jobs - search by all locations, or just UK
    On the Headteaching jobs search page there is now a link to all headteaching jobs, for all locations, and additionally a link to all headteaching jobs in the UK.
    Primary teaching jobs - search by all locations, or just UK
    On the Primary jobs search page there is now a link to all primary teaching jobs, for all locations, and additionally a link to all primary teaching jobs in the UK.

  11. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    I think that we should all realise that it isn't going to change, lets face it, a lot of us are on here most days and was any of you consulted regarding these changes? I know that I wasn't and I log on to here at least once a day.
    It's a fait a complis. I realised that as soon as it became apparent that Gail wasn't going to answer my question.

    Just like a second rate school. They tell you there has been consultation when there hasn't and then when you raise a valid point the powers that be hide and hope to ride out the storm.
    Twas ever so.

  12. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    I see what you did there. [​IMG]
  13. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Now, when you click on International and then Special Education, two jobs come up. This is an improvement over 1 job, but still not very good.
    Of course if you do a search for special education, you then get all of the UK jobs, with no way to filter them out.
    Also, is there still no way to see ALL international jobs? That would seem to be easily remedied, but yet you must still pick a category, work your way through that and then pick another category, lather, rinse repeat.
    Thanks for attempting to facilitate tweaks to the new lay out, but there is a loooooooooooong way to go here.
  14. when i go to the jobs page the first huge mistake is that big strange red box. Actually makes me feel ill looking at it.

    Must be the most ridiculous combination of colours I have seen on any website. Pink headings with a red background!! Madness! The search box at the top is also a nonsense.
  15. lunarita

    lunarita Lead commenter

    How many of us liked to browse all international jobs?

    How many real teachers did TES consult on these changes?

    I bet the first number will be vastly higher than the second.

    I wonder how many advertisers are taking note?
  16. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    There are a number of other threads on exactly the same thing on other areas of this forum.
    Some techno geek somewhere is counting his money and laughing all the way to the bank.
    We've been had (or rather TES has).
  17. Hello everyone,
    As part of series of improvements we've been making to TES Jobs over the past week, today we have added the ability to search by location from www.tes.co.uk/jobs
    For example, if you want to search for all jobs in the UK, click on the UK label on the map at www.tes.co.uk/jobs. From this page you can then narrow down your search by postcode or by choosing a location, position or workplace..
    This will help anyone who wants to search for all jobs in a specific area and those who want to carry out a search across multiple school phases.


  18. all credit to the TES team for listening to us and dramatically improving the jobs site in the last few days. Thanks Gail.
  19. Nead2604

    Nead2604 New commenter

    Why fix something that isn't broke? I still find the new search frustrating and I don't understand why it had to 'change' in the first place. But if you needed to tweak something, then tweak it, don't simply throw out something that has worked for a long time. It was easy and fast to access the job search before, now it isn't.That is the bottom line. Bring back the map. Listen to your readers.
  20. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    Thats not going to happen Nead. In case you haven't noticed the only question she hasn't answered has been mine. She obviously isn't a teacher as we all know that this tactic doesn't work. The changes are purely to drag in more money to the site hence the offer of winning a car etc if you give them your mates email address.
    The only reason that they have done anything is because they are bricking it that so many of us have complained. Its an excellent case of shooting oneself in the foot, I showed it to the business studies teacher who intends to use it as an example of change for changes sake which just upsets the punter.


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