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New Tes Australia Careers peer advisor to help answer your queries

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by TES_Rosaline, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone,

    I’m pleased to announce that a new Careers peer advisor for the Tes Australia forum will be available to offer information and support to help members, who are looking for advice, take the next necessary steps to progress in their career.

    I’m pleased to introduce Kayla Wilson, who will be joining the TES Community as the Tes Australia Careers peer advisor next week.

    Kayla is a secondary arts and religious education teacher with over 6 years’ experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Teaching (Secondary) and is currently part-way through a Bachelor of Science.

    She said: “I have worked as a teacher in both remote and metropolitan Queensland and have held middle leadership as Head of Arts. I’ve taught a range of subjects to senior levels throughout my career: visual arts, music, drama, SOSE, English and religious education. I like to make resources that allow me to streamline all my ideas and knowledge, but also allow students to grasp content, explore learning and then use for revision later.

    I have worked primarily in the Catholic system, however, in my current role as a Smart Teachers Recruitment Consultant, I have come to gain knowledge about teaching in all parts of Australia and all types of schooling systems.

    I love building professional networks, and relish chatting to teachers and school leaders when attending conferences and professional development. It is great to see so many passionate educators supporting each other, and I hope to help facilitate the same atmosphere in my role as peer advisor for Tes.”

    If you have a question about your next career move please post it in this thread or you can tag Kayla by adding @kaylawilson4 in your post/thread.

    Please note that this forum, including all content posted in it (whether by you or us or on our behalf), is subject to our General Terms and Conditions which can be found here: https://www.tes.com/us/terms-and-conditions.

    As set out in our General Terms and Conditions, the content and posts in this forum are for general information only and are not intended to, nor do they, constitute legal or other professional advice or services or a recommendation to purchase any product or service or a recommendation upon which any specific decision should be made. The information and content made available in this forum should not be relied on as a substitute for proper professional advice. We accept no responsibility for any reliance placed on information or content provided in this forum or otherwise through our websites or services.
  2. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    Thanks for the introduction Rosaline! I look forward to helping build a community for Australian teachers on Tes, as well as assisting those who are interested in teaching in Australia.

    If anyone visiting the forums has any questions around teaching and job seeking, please get in touch!
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  3. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

  4. Kittyrigues

    Kittyrigues New commenter

    Hi @kaylawilson4! When interviewing for teaching positions next year what information about the school do you suggest I should know before heading into the interview? Thanks!
  5. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    @Kittyrigues - Thanks for the question, doing research about a school before an interview can be a great way to predict what types of questions you might be asked and prepare how you might respond, or even if the school is the right environment for you. I would definitely recommend researching the following:

    1. Teaching and Learning Approach/School Pedagogy model - is the school's approach to teaching and learning something that meshes well with your educational approach? Assess whether you have specific skills or experiences in a pedagogical model that the school uses (eg: Marzano, Visible Learning, Explicit Instruction etc).
    2. School Behaviour Management model - same as above, research to see whether you have specific experience in the type of behaviour management approach used at the school as you may be able to prepare examples or discuss your experiences
    3. School Culture/History - While all schools have distinct and individual traditions and history, researching this can be particularly important when interviewing at Independent schools. As many long-established Independent schools will have distinct and proud traditions, new staff will obviously be expected to uphold these traditions and values. Does the school have a requirement of attending/coaching Saturday sport? What is the arts and cultural program and are all staff expected to participate? If the school is religious, is it run by a particular faith group or religious order? This will inform the values and traditions present in the school.
    4. School System - different schools will have difference governance. Research what system the school belongs to and what expectations you might encounter if you were working here. For example, schools will vary in their technology policies/programs and HR policies and processes. See if you can familiarise yourself with the school's governing body (Catholic Diocese, Catholic Religious Order, Church, State Government etc) and how these might inform the expectations for staff and students.
    Hope this helps!
  6. Hi @kaylawilson4 how does the process work to transfer teacher registration if I wanted to move interstate within Australia? Thanks!
  7. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your question. Depending on where you hold registration in Australia there are different processes you can undertake to register in another state. I've actually just written an article for Tes about this, feel free to check it out at: https://www.tes.com/en-au/jobs/care...cognition-teacher-registration-more-one-state

    I hope it helps!

    Thanks, Kayla.
  8. glenister_kj

    glenister_kj New commenter


    I am really interested in moving to Australia (preferably QLD or the NT). I am qualified teacher in Britain and currently work in Thailand. Where do I even start as the process is daunting?

    Thank you
  9. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    Hi @glenister_kj

    Thanks so much for your enquiry. I'm more than happy to point you in the right direction to get you started.

    Australia is a great place to travel to and work! With teaching qualifications you can earn a good wage and have the flexibility to experience all this incredible country has to offer. But before you book tickets for the flight down under, there is plenty to consider.

    To navigate the Australian education system there is one rule that needs to be remembered – each state has a different education system and different registration processes.

    What does this mean to an international teacher? Be prepared! For the teacher intending to ‘wing it’, on arrival you will only be met with disappointment when you will not be able to enter a classroom.

    If you were keen on working in Australia, getting a visa is the first step. A visa is important because the teacher market in Australia is quite competitive- there is not a teacher shortage to the extent there is in the UK. Because of the amount of teachers currently living and working in the country, sponsored visas are rare and positions at schools are generally secured after you’ve arrived in the country.

    Choosing regional and remote locations to work in will enhance your chances of success as schools in these areas experience lower supply levels of local Australian candidates. They also rely on Skype or telephone interviews so the fact that you are interviewing from overseas is not an obstacle as it often is with metropolitan schools.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to provide too much info about visas due to not being legally authorised to give such advice, but you will find information on visas at the Australian Immigration and Border Protection Department website and it is quite easy to navigate: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1

    The next step would be to apply for registration to teach in Australia (I recommend 3 months before you leave to start this). You will not be able to enter a classroom in Australia without the relevant teacher's registration for that state or territory. Depending on where you decide to settle, you would apply online on the following websites:

    Western Australia - You will need to register with the TRBWA. Please visit www.trb.wa.gov.au

    Victoria - You will need to register with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. Please visit www.vit.vic.edu.au

    Northern Territory - You will need to register with the NT Teacher Registration Board. Please visit www.trb.nt.gov.au

    South Australia - You will need to register with the SA Teacher Registration Board. Please visit www.trb.sa.edu.au

    Queensland- You will need to register with the Queensland Teaching board. Please visit http://qct.edu.au/registration

    New South Wales- You will need to register with the NSW registration teaching board (BOSTES). Please visit: http://www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/

    Australian Academic Calendar:

    The academic year is divided into four terms:
    Term 1 – late Jan to Easter (2 weeks holiday)
    Term 2 – Easter to late June (2 weeks holiday)
    Term 3 – early July to late September (2 weeks holiday)
    Term 4 – early Oct to late Dec (5 weeks holiday)
    School Calendars are different for each state and fluctuate from year to year. Up to date calendars can be found on the internet.

    I hope some of this helps get you started on journey, if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to help!
  10. sarah_thomas2706

    sarah_thomas2706 New commenter

    Hi there
    Merry Christmas all!

    I’m a bit stumped about the visa process as it stipulates that I need four years tertiary study. I studied a 3 year BA with QTS and 11 years of teaching experience, including 7 overseas (currently in Asia).

    I’ve tried researching an ‘upgrade degree’ but these only seem open to those living in Australia so it’s like a catch 22 as I need this 4th year to get a visa in the first place?!? Do you have any advice for me on how to get this 4th year? Is a Masters the only option I have?

    Thanks so much!

  11. sarah_thomas2706

    sarah_thomas2706 New commenter

  12. Hi @kaylawilson4

    I am very new to this so forgive my naivety when asking any questions. Just some advice needed on teaching in Australia. I will be finishing my BA honours degree in July, therefore I believe I will need a further teaching Qualification to be able to fully teach within Australia? If so, what is the quickest route and where can I apply for this? Also, any advice on where is best for this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time

  13. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    @sarah_thomas2706 @lawrencesanded Hi Sarah and Lawrence, sorry for the delayed reply, I've been on holiday over the Christmas break.

    I'll try to provide as much information as I can, however, the best way to find out definitive information regarding these questions is to consult the appropriate authorities, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction!

    Sarah, QTS is a tricky grey area here in Australia, as these types of qualifications are not practiced here - that means that it is harder to get recognition for your qualification and I've seen some people have success and others not have any. I would suggest consulting AITSL https://www.aitsl.edu.au/ they have a section about how they can provide information and assistance for teachers looking to migrate to Australia, including whether your qualification is recognised.

    I did work with a teacher recently who did have to complete a Masters upon arriving in Australia as her QTS and experience were not recognised. I'm not sure how she got her visa for studying thought. Another avenue that might assist is consulting a Migration Agent as I'm legally not allowed to give advice on securing visas.

    Lawrence, you will need to complete recognised teaching qualification - these are pretty standard across Australia and a range of universities offer Masters courses that will qualify you to teach. Obviously some universities have better rankings and student outcomes than others but the Masters of Teaching or similar will be the way to go! I have done a Masters of Teaching through Australian Catholic University which also qualified me to teach in Catholic schools. I would recommend looking at different Australian universities - many will have an Education faculty - and see which course/delivery mode will be the right fit for you.

    If either of you have anymore questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to assist. Happy New Year!
  14. lrusswill

    lrusswill New commenter

    Hi @kaylawilson4

    I am hoping to get a working holiday visa and do some supply/relief teaching whilst in Australia.

    I know that I need to register with the state I want to work in but I am just wondering whether my qualifications would be sufficient to gain the registration.

    I have a BA Honours degree (3 year) and I then completed a one year PGCE (PCET/Post 16). It does not have QTS and doesn't have a specific subject attached to it.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


  15. Hello,

    I am half way through my PGCE in the UK, I also have a three year undergrad degree with honours. I am thinking about going to Australia to teach for 1/2 years either after my PGCE year or the following year. What would be my first step into doing this as I have researched quite a bit but I am still finding the whole process very overwhelming.

    Thank you for your support.

  16. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Hi @kaylawilson4

    I am currently in an international school in Europe but am a British citizen and UK trained. I have a 3 year degree, as well as a PGCE in my subject. I am also part way through a masters course.

    I am looking at relocating with my family to Australia and have very recently started to research this. I have a couple of questions if that's OK:

    1) I understand that I need a skills assessment, visa application and registration to the necessary teaching councils in the states I wish to work. Is there anything else?

    2) Can can all of these be done whilst outside the country (from Europe)?

    3) On the TES article about moving to Australia it says that schools will offer Skype interviews to those overseas but I wanted to check what the chances of this are. Why would a school interview someone via Skype when they will most likely have applicants from within the country? Would I therefore have to actually physically move to Australia before finding a job?

    4) Do I need ALL of the paperwork and visa in place before I apply for jobs, or would this be done on a firm offer of employment as in other countries?

    5) I teach Computer Science with 8 years experience - is there a realistic chance of relocation or am I wasting my time and money?

    Thanks so much for offering help
  17. Susanne12345

    Susanne12345 New commenter


    I'm living in the Middle East working at an independent British school whose term dates are Sept-June. My partner is Australian and relocating in December with the plan for me to follow in July.

    Like @T0nyGT I have done my research. We will be moving to Brisbane and I wanted to know how teachers go about the supply teaching industry. Are there companies to set this up with who coordinate or are supply teachers effectively self employed? I would be planning to get a job for a new term starting in January the following year (or possibly earlier if lucky) using supply to tide me over and allow us to get set up/collect our dog etc.

    Any support greatly appreciated. I am an English and Media Studies teacher.
  18. Tararose212

    Tararose212 New commenter

    Hi Sarah

    Did you find out about the 4 years? Is a BA degree and PGCE with QTS not enough?


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