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NEW TERM...new idea needed 'getting to know you'

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by yr4yr5yr6yr7, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I am due to start with in Yr7 and although I am an old hand at teaching, I am in need of a bright new idea to get to know them...they are a lovely bunch, creative but a tough audience!
    This needs to be an instant display which tells me about them BUT needs to be modern and inkeeping with their age group. I have done coats of arms, celebration cups, recipes for me, jars of my personality...has anyone got a really fresh idea please??

    thanks so much
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Variation on 'Just a minute'? possibly?
    Have to give a brief introduction of themselves on a mind-map and then pick volunteers to speak for just one minute without deviation, repetition etc.
  3. Jonntyboy

    Jonntyboy New commenter

    You say "they are a loevly bunch, etc.." but then
    "I am in need of a bright new idea to get to know them."
    I'm sorry but I don't know what you mean.
  4. Sorry, probably a bit late to be contributing but..
    If extending personal info topic to third person, a twist on the poster about self is to do it as a wanted poster - il/elle s'appelle, il est etc etc. Give Ps a list of silly crimes on a vocab crib sheet to add. Nice display at end of it. One pupil did me last year and wanted to know how to say teaching French as the crime committed. The picture they drew was pretty awful!
  5. This is like a red rag to a bull for me.
    I would forget the getting to know them stage. Just get them learning the language.
  6. loodle1

    loodle1 Occasional commenter

    Have to say I agree! Concentrate on making the lessons fun and getting them interested in learning the language. Get to know them as you go along! You usually start with personal info topic anyway in year 7[​IMG]
  7. thanks. really helpful xx
  8. musiclover1

    musiclover1 New commenter

    I'm also confused. They're Year 7, right , so are they beginners? So how can they write about themselves? And can you explain your ideas, please, so I can nick them (the coat of armsand the recipe and the jar?)

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