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New Technologies in the Music Classroom

Discussion in 'Music' started by barithesax, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I would love to hear from anyone who is using new technolies in the Music classroom - particularly smartphone/tablet/ipad.
    • do you teach using any great apps
    • do you teach using any great software that really works for your KS3 classes in particular
    • do you blog
    • do your students blog
    • do you use the internet as a resource
    • do you use the internet as a platform for showcasing work
    I am a creative arts AST in North Somerset who is trying to build links between colleagues in the county and country who are pioneering the use of technology as a teaching tool.
    Please get in touch or respond if you or a colleague can help.
  2. Hi Alison
    I use NUMU all the time as a student blogging tool and for them and me to upload work. I am currently working on a Masters dissertation and researching the use of blogging as a tool to develop formative assessment in music. I would be really happy to talk to you about this.
    I also use Soundation.com sometimes and have recently bought Acoustica Mixcraft 5 which I use with KS3 and am starting to really like now I have got to know it!
    If you look on the Teaching Music website, someone called Anna Gower has done a lot of work in the area you are talking about - she uses Soundcloud to record pupil work on an iphone or similar and uploads it for pupils to listen to and comment on...
    I am frustrated by the ageing technology in my department and would do SO MUCH MORE if my computers were not so slow, crashed so much etc!
    Please feel free to contact me at drursy@hotmail.com if you want to talk more!
  3. singstarcool

    singstarcool New commenter

    I use garageband on Apple Mac laptops. only 1 between 3 but for collaborative composing and a more professional sounding finished piece they are great, especially for film music where you can add a movie or minimlaist etc
  4. We use Sequel Le with ks3 and 4 and sibelius 4 and 5 and musescore with Key stages 4 and 5...
  5. I'm not so cutting edge these days but with the advantage of experience and reflection I'd say that:

    Technology is a relatively cheap and ubiquitous resource.

    Amongst its key values are the opportunities for liberating and extending it can offer.

    The ways in which the learner is able to encounter and experience technology is crucial. Poor design, architecture and accessibility can be very problematic.

    As a means of emulation, recreation and stylisation technology offers some great facilities.

    As a means of stimulating and progressing orignal thoughts and ideas it can prove to be difficult and arguably counter productive.

    There is a difference between mastering a piece of technology and actually using it to produce something that is musically 'worthwhile'
  6. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    I recently purchased a wrist-watch. My music appreciation classes no longer overrun.


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