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New teaching role in Shanghai August 2016

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by LDN32, May 14, 2016.

  1. LDN32

    LDN32 New commenter

    I have taken a secondary teaching position in Shanghai, starting in August 2016. I have 7 years teaching experience, the salary works out 3000 pounds after tax. I also get a 2 bedroom apartment and 2 flights paid for in the first year. Is this a good offer?

    If any teachers are heading out to Shanghai would be great to hear from you.

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  2. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    The two flights a year is a good addition to the usual ONE that most people have been offered, salary is in the ballpark. You will need to know more about the apartment, what type of compound it is located in and the quality of the fixture and fittings. Accommodation quality varies greatly in the view of HR and western teachers. Check on the details of Health Insurance and what it covers. The lower cost packages exclude you using the best International Clinique's unless you pay 50% your self.

    The location is also important with connections to the Metro and expat areas of the city. Shanghai is a very big area the same size as that of the south east of England circled by the M25. So if your school is in Harrow and you live in Dartford the daily commute could be a bit long!

    Many schools are finding the apartments for staff to save on costs as a place I would consider livable will be in the 9-12000rmb, the places HR/Finance want you to live in cost 4000rmb. It also saves the hassle of you finding a place and having to pay 3 months rent in advance and been ripped off by the landlord. Check if you can move out of the apartment in 12months and find your own place with a rent allowance.
  3. LDN32

    LDN32 New commenter

  4. LDN32

    LDN32 New commenter

    Thank you for this information. The school provides medical insurance. Just been reading contract again.
  5. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    Of course 3000 GBP after tax is a good offer for china. Most international schools pay 20kRMB to 30kRMB before tax I think. 9-12krmb a month is for the expat ghetto areas I believe also. Reasonable accommodation can be found for less than this outside these areas from what I've heard. It's a lot of money 3000GBP tax free a month. Take it!
  6. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Established commenter

    That's about the same as a mate of mine out there gets, and he loves the place. Especially the women. If you are taking a partner, perhaps dump them before you go?
  7. LDN32

    LDN32 New commenter

    After tax I get 3000 pounds. I am looking forward to the experience of living and working in Shanghai as a happily single female.
  8. tesquestion2016

    tesquestion2016 New commenter

    I am also heading to Shanghai and have been offered something similar. I get one flight a year. do you want to go to conversation and let me know what part of the city you are heading to?
    LDN32 likes this.
  9. tesquestion2016

    tesquestion2016 New commenter

    Who told you most pay 20k to 30k? i have been offered more than this with no international experience and I am not heading to a Tier 1 school. Perhaps you ought to be careful about giving advice when you don't actually understand the situation. Note that I am only mentioning what I have been offered. I am not giving advice on Shanghai as I am not yet qualified to do so. Your 'helpfulness' ruined the last Shanghai thread. It would be great if you could leave this thread be.
  10. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    Why should I? Most ads I've seen for teachers in China on Teaching Nomad for example are a maximum of 30000RMB with an entry of 16000RMB. EG:


    This is for a 'proper' international school in Wuxi
    if you've been offered more than this then you are such a lucky teacher with no international experience (if you actually NEED it anyway for a higher sum).
    Anyway, I have given you proof that they pay what I advised originally so I am not ruining any thread, I am giving the actual salary offered. Thanks. A muikteech
  11. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    If Musikteech is going for jobs in the kind of school that will employ someone with a qualification in music as a science teacher, then it's hardly surprising that the salaries on offer don't quite match those which a teacher who is properly qualified for the post in question might receive.

    It's like comparing apples with pears. He's just in a different market (and with a different ethical code, perhaps).
    miketribe likes this.
  12. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I do envy you guys - China is a wonderful country.
    LDN32 likes this.
  13. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Musikteech, i have been doing this for quite a while now and i have never heard of that website you saw the job offer on. If you are looking for proper international school adverts then i suggest you only need to look on TES for British curriculum jobs, and Search for IB jobs. That way you will see what a decent job package looks like.
  14. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I'm not going to teach on a tourist visa. Thanks. And the job ad I just posted is definitely IN the same market as an international teacher. It's an excellent salary and excellent accommodation allowance. It's not I don't think after tax by the sounds of it so god knows how people on here can get £3000 after tax.
    Thanks;. A musikteech

    ps It's JUNIOR science, not HIGH school or A level science. I think I can cope with teaching junior science. Thanks
  15. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    Revans66. It's an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. It's a very good package if you ask me. I'd be happy to get such a good amount of money 30KRMB + 6K housing. Thanks but I don't believe TES packages are that much more if any and HB has already said teachers do not earn 40k in china, That's rare
  16. tesquestion2016

    tesquestion2016 New commenter

    I am lucky and am very aware of it. I also value my professional experience and valid qualifications. I have not felt the need to be creative with my CV or to apply for jobs for which I do not meet the criteria. I have not been arrested, expelled from countries or lost any of the jobs I have held over the years. Therefore I feel that I am worth my package. I hope it will be a starter package as I am aware of schools with much better packages. This awareness is based on speaking with friends and former colleagues who are now on the international circuit, posts and conversations with contributors here who actually live in China and work in reputable schools. I value their input and hope to be able to advise others next year when I actually understand the system.
  17. tesquestion2016

    tesquestion2016 New commenter

    Also apologies to the OP. I seem to have derailed this thread! Sorry.
  18. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I'm also off to Shanghai this August! Will send you one of these conversation thingies. :)
    LDN32 likes this.
  19. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    What's not having been arrested or deported from a country got to do with feeling you're worth your package? I wasn't very well when I was deported from those countries and I am allowed back to some of them as I didn't really do much if anything wrong. For example in Macau, I thought a cake I ate was poisoned so I took a chip from the roulette table in the same casino and was arrested and deported because of this. I wasn't well. So I can be forgiven for what happened. I also have valid qualifications and lots of teachers teach subjects which do not fit their criteria. I have taught maths for example at KS3 and GCSE because I have an A level in it and I am pretty good at teaching maths at this level. Mind you, I haven't done it for a while. I think I'm probably older than you so more experienced in life. Enjoy your mega salary that you're worthy of. I hope you get a good Chinese curry while you're there.
  20. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    Congratulations to those who are jetting to this vibrant city. If you need any information about Shanghai please just send me a message - I've been here 3 years and am staying at least another maybe more!

    Musikteech, why do you need to let everyone know about your previous misdemeanors? You are so very easily recognisable from your postings and potential heads will be reluctant to even interview you.

    Further, to teach maths up to GCSE standards you would need at least a first degree plus a proper teaching qualification. Just because you say you are pretty good at something and you have life experience doesn't actually warrant been even considered for an interview!

    You seem to have an opinion about every subject in the junior (primary) and have an attitude that everything is easy! I urge to put your brain into gear before selecting overdrive with your fingers on the keyboard because you are making a complete fool of yourself!
    lunarita, gulfgolf and miketribe like this.

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