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New TAs to KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kellylouise21, May 21, 2019.

  1. kellylouise21

    kellylouise21 New commenter


    I'm a KS2 leader and I work in a one form entry school with 1 new TA and three TAs who have all worked in EY or KS1 previously coming into KS2 in September. I've been asked, to put tiger a pack of info from them all for over the summer in Autumn 1. They are all going on external and I ternal training but no until next academic year. What are the musts to put in this pack. So far I've got KS2 curriculum, year group expectations, assement framework, info on the new timestable tests. Anything else!?
  2. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    - KS2 timetable, if playtimes and lunch time differ from the times they are used to.
    - Expectations - do they need to be on duty at every playtime?
    - Grammar glossary
    - Do you have a school calculations policy which explains clearly the progression in the four operations? I've known so many TAs who were totally confused about how to work our long multiplication and division when supporting UKS2 children.

    These are just a few possible suggestions, hope they help.
  3. nical73

    nical73 Occasional commenter

    As a year 6 teacher and Maths lead, I agree about the calculation policy. I would also include a SPAG glossary and also some guidance on maths resources used throughout KS2 and best use as well as Maths vocabulary. Also a copy of your marking policy (our TAs sometimes mark work when they have worked with groups).
  4. powerpointdave

    powerpointdave New commenter

    Behaviour policy if slightly different from how it is applied in Early Years, expectations of adults in terms of spoken and written English - if this is an issue in your school, always worth asking any current KS2 TAs and teachers what they think/found useful when they started in KS2

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