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New TA position in reception, how do best support??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by katyhegney, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. katyhegney

    katyhegney New commenter

    Hi everyone!
    I have been offered a TA position in reception starting next week. I know there is a few children with challenging behaviour in there.
    I need some advice on how best I can support the teacher and children. I’ve never worked in reception, and ideas, tips would be extremely useful to me. Thank you in advance
  2. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    Good luck on your new role. Listen to your teacher as he/she will guide and direct you. Show initiative when you are not being directed. Maintain a really quiet voice. Get down to the children's level when you talk. Read the EYFS curriculum. Notice what is going on. Reception is great fun but really tiring. You could post this in the Early Years forum.
  3. lizdot

    lizdot New commenter

    Hi Katy
    Last year I had some tricky customers in my reception class and my TA was a life saver! As squashball says, be guided by the teacher. One of the most helpful things my TA did last year was to support whole class teaching sessions by either encouraging children to stay focussed or removing them when that was not going to happen. In that way my teaching sessions could continue relatively uninterrupted. If she did need to remove a child she continued with the teaching objective one to one or worked on something else that was developmentally appropriate with them.
  4. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    not an experienced reception teacher/TA but I would suggest dressing for getting down and dirty! As above, listen to what the teacher needs you to help with and don't go in with too many preconceptions. Take it as it comes and build a working relationship with the other adult(s)
    katyhegney likes this.
  5. katyhegney

    katyhegney New commenter

    Thank you, great advice. Would it be appropriate to ask the teacher to write down specific ways she would like me to support her? maybe regarding particular childs' behaviour? Thanks again :)
  6. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    No, never ask the teacher to write things down for you! If you want to take notes as he/she speaks - fine.
    It may be that children with special learning needs require a behaviour or individual learning plan, in which case you might contribute to that and should certainly ask for a copy and follow suggestions on that.
    katyhegney likes this.
  7. katyhegney

    katyhegney New commenter

    Thank you squashball,
    I’m going in to volunteer a few mornings, to get my head around things while paperwork’s still going through. Can’t wait to get started, thanks all :)

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