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New style SEF

Discussion in 'Primary' started by radish, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Has anyone found any exemplar SEFs for Primary Schools? Currently tackling 'The quality of pupils' learning and their progress' which is not a barrell full of laughs!
  2. Hi,
    I attended a course recently on the New Ofsted framework and the company delivering the training suggested writing the 5 key areas
    context of school, achievenebt of pupils at school (SEN and disabilities included), quality of teaching, quality of leadership and management, behaviour and safety of pupils, ovverall effectiveness.
    The suggestion given for format was to have grades 1-4 at top with prompts and key questions below ie:-
    what progress pupils have made relative to starting point?
    how well gaps are narrowing between performance of different groups of pupils compared to nationally.
    how well pupils learn, quality of their work in a range of subjects and progress since joining school.
    how well pupils develop a range of skills, including reading, writing, maths and how well they apply them across curriculum.
    educational standards attained by pupils by the time they leave school
    pupil's attainment in reading by end of key stage 1 and by thee time they leave school.
    Next heading should be your reasons for deciding on your grade (outcome focussed, not description of actions~
    You need to keep your ofsted level descriptors with you and refer constantly to them, using similar terminology.
    Lastly, your key actions for improvements.
    Hope this helps
    If anyone does have an example of one they have prepared earlier (sounds like Blue Peter) please could I see a copy? Many thanks.

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