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New starter to TA supply work

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by FionaM_811, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Anyone got any suggestions or advice?
  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    They will ask questions such as what would you do if you noticed bruising, children unwashed, unhappy. ect regarding safeguarding. All will be run of the mill stuff really. Dont worry, you will know more than you think. As far as I know they dont expect you to take any equipment or resources and notify you of jobs as soon as they know. They will then phone the school and say you are on your way. As long as you say you are using public transport, they will allow for time.
    Hope that helps!
  3. Thanks hubcap!
    Anybody else with any advice?
  4. I work for an agency as a TA at the mo. I've been lucky and got a long-term cover when I started with them in March and been in the same job since so I haven't got much experience of day-to-day cover. When it comes to interview, I can say working for an agency is great as they want you to get the job as much as they do (after all keeping you in work keeps them paid!) so they'll be great with getting you documents to read (like school policies etc) and mine even got a former head to ring me and tell me the 'inside info' about the role and what would be good to emphasize at interview.
    Unfortunately today I had my first experience of the perils of temporary work, as my college has run out of money and will be ending my contract early on 1st July. Praying the agency can sort me something else temporary til the end of term...

  5. Hi, I got made redundant in January and signed up to 2 agencies in February. One was a local agency and one was a more national agency. I have had no work from the national agency!
    In the interview with the local agency they also do supply work for childrens centres/day nurseries/schools etc and asked where I would like to work, I enjoy the early years so all these places were fine with me for supply work, and your still getting experience of the EYFS which they use in schools. How often I have been working has differed. I have worked in quite a few nurseries with a range of ages 0-5years and also in children's centre's, again with a variety of ages and experiences.
    In the past couple of weeks I have had the odd days in schools in nursery and reception classes. They have only been either just for the morning/afternoon or the day. The good part with this, is that if you make a good impression then they are likely to ask for you back, this has happened to me which is always nice!
    With the agency I am with they asked whether or not I would like early morning calls, I said yes to this and have had a couple of them. They usually phone me about 8am and ask to get there as soon as possible. I drive so this does make it easier to get there quicker.
    I dont take any resources or equipment with me, and I dont think you are expected to either, just make sure you take your dinner!
    I think it can be a bit of pot luck what work you get, some people who are with the same agency as me have been in settings for about 3/4months at a time. You also need to consider the school holidays aswell especially with the 6 weeks holidays coming up, maybe try and look for a job in an out of school club!
    Hope some of that helps!
    I have been applying for lots and lots of TA jobs and I have finally got an interview for next week!

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