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New starter to TA supply work..what to expect?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by FionaM_811, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Can anybody give any advice or suggestions?
  2. You could post on TA section for more chance of reply.
  3. Have done, thanks!
  4. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Personally I find this worrying.............................
    Agencies are for those qualified or can give proven past experience and references for the position of supply that they area applying for. WHAT IS THE AGENCY THINKING OF ?????????

    ARE THEY REALLY TAKING ON raw people as supply to go into our schools.. AND WHY ARE SCHOOLS ACCEPTING THEM without the knowledge and skills to do the job....................................

    AT LEAST THE LEA is going through a rigorous interview to establish you are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced to do the job. A lesson Agencies should take note of.
  5. Recruitment agencies such as Reed are continually also advertising for supply cover supervisors who may not need any qualifications or much experience working in schools.
  6. Bump up
  7. spannaintheworks

    spannaintheworks New commenter

    I work in a school that sometimes uses agency TAs when - for example - a TA is on leave, maternity or choses to walk. It's a good way of getting experience and if you're effective most schools will do what they can to hang on to you.
    You need to be smart, on time and pleasant to staff and pupils. You will have lots of questions but will need to develop the self-sufficiency not to hang on to the apron strings of whoever you report to as they will be very busy and hope that you're able to get on with the job pretty quickly.
    A good TA will merge straight in to the lesson, supporting the teacher, not waiting to be told what to do and whatever happens do not talk to a pupil when the teacher is addressing the whole class: it is SO off-putting! Please also do not turn into a dictator when it comes to discipline: you will see things the teacher won't but let it go unless it's major: kids don't like a complete stranger turning up and reading the riot act. If you arrive at each lesson on time, stay until the room is tidy, keep your mobile phone firmly in your pocket and make the odd round of tea you'll be very popular.
    As for regularity of work it's difficult to say but I went to one school on supply and two years later and two promotions down the line and I'm still here. Good luck!

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