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New standards

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anon2047, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know how the new standards will work and if there are any 'hidden' surprises?
    I have been unsuccessful obtaining a job having just qualified from my PGCE course. My understanding is that anyone who starts after the 1 September this year has to meet the new standards that come into force next September, 2012.
    I am concerned that there could be a potential problem with me meeting them and would welcome any advice.

  2. I wouldn't envisage anything scary in the new standards. They'll probably be somewhat of a rehash of the current ones, but with different 'trendy' vocabulary that the current government prefer, and they may decide to reorganise them with different headings or a different numbering system, but they will essentially be the same. Even though NQTs have to demonstrate they have met the Core standards, they are still standards that EVERY teacher (even experienced ones) is expected to meet in all of their work, so I wouldn't worry - they're not going to throw anything outlandish in.
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Any current NQTs 2011-12 are working on the existing standards the new standards are draft and are not scheduled to impact on NQTs until Sept 2012. The main differences lie in the sections about personal and professional conduct and not undermining fundamental British values!
  4. Although new standards have been published they have not yet come into force and you cxannot be required to meet something that is not yet in force legally. Even the current cohort of trainees (who start in Sept. 2011) will be assessed against the current 33 standards - they may be required to meet the new ones for induction but as yet we have not been told how they will be implemented for transition cohorts).
    In general they differ not a lot in actual requirements, but the wording has changed. The government has done a sleight of hand over the number, Gove et al thought that 33 was far too many and so opted for just 8 standards, but each of the 8 standards has a number of statements within it and if you count the statements, in total there are now not 33 standards, but 35. In addition, there is another category (Personal and Professional Conduct) with a further 8 statements, making 43 in total, but according to the goverment they have 'drastically reduced' the standards for qualified teachers!
    I wonder what type of maths they had when they were in school where 43 is fewer than 33!!
  5. For those really confused, this should clear it all up.
    It's an exhaustive list of suitable evidence against each of the new Teachers' Standards (2012)
  6. Is there a nice tidy grid form of the new teacher standards anywhere out there? We used to have the poster up of the core, UP standards etc, but can't find a visually pleasing version of the new ones. I like the grid above, which assimilates to the old core standards, but can't print it. Any advice gratefully received
  7. cate50

    cate50 New commenter

    email me off group if you like or message me with your contact details. I have a table view of the new standards that I have bodged together!

  8. where can I find a list of equivalence between old stadnards versus new ones please? I don't want to fiddle if there is a list of equivalence already existing. thanks
    also what is exactly a set of ''hard or solid evidenc' for reaching the standards??? this is still a bit of a mystery for me... do they need the signature of a tutor/mentor against a paperwork mentionning what I did which relates to that standard? is this 'hard evidence'? thanks

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