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New Spec Unit 1 AO1 Help sheet

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Silent85, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Silent85

    Silent85 New commenter

    I have tried to combine AO1 with another AO but was told not to do this so I have to ask whats the best links/way to intergrate this into a helpsheet for my lower ability classes. I was thinking of doing it as a powerpoint but I need to approach the rather mundane world of health and safety in an approachable way and its proving tricky.

  2. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    We have done it as a leaflet thereby using it as one of the business Docs! No reason why it could not be done as a powerpoint though
  3. Silent85

    Silent85 New commenter

    That sounds like an awesome idea! What resources do you use to appeal to the pupils?
  4. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Main engagement is a simple spreadsheet with each pupil on, each AO and then their grade which is lef on the board as each AO is marked up it goes....lads love competition and that's what starts. I now have pupils that cause problems in other subjects engaged as they want to beat their mate/girls in the class etc. Oh and I top it off with if you get no Mark you are a no Mark and will look good in a green baseball cap with a big golden M on the front once you leave school as this is the only place that will employ you!
    Who said competition doesn't work!
  5. Silent85

    Silent85 New commenter

    Cool where did you get the research for health and safety for the students from?
  6. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    I didnt I gave them some examples and possible areas to look at and then got them to research it - I am not a great believer in guiding and spoon feeding I would rather they found out and then I look at and reguide!
  7. Silent85

    Silent85 New commenter

    Sorry if you misunderstood, neither am I! I would love for them to research it for themselves however I am unaware of websites etc that have an "approachable" way with year 8's as thats where it would be done.
  8. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Ummm well I put together a presentation on some of the issues and then let them "google" I would worry about their readyness for the qualification at year 8 if they can not sift through information and find the relevent stuff!
  9. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Search for previous threads about AO1 for resources, webs sites, etc
  10. Hi reading your thread i found this game which i am using with my pupils
    Also there is pleanty on bbc bitesize

    The game is a great starter!
    More quizzes on Teach-ICT about health and safety too :)

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