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New Senco - what to do in first few days/ weeks?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by puzzles, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm a new Senco starting in September (2 days out of class) in a primary school.
    I am sure I'll be busy busy busy in time, but I'm struggling to get my head around being out of class and what I'm actually going to 'do' (in my previous life I was a class teacher)
    So what will my day look like? What should I be prioritising to do first?
    Any help/support welcome!
  2. Oh and another question : do I HAVE to do the Senco award? My head doesn't seem to think I do but I'm not sure about that.... I REALLY would prefer not to as have heard it's a lot of hard work and I'm not interested in points towards masters and so on as I already have a masters...(so know how hard work it is!)
  3. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    I'm going to be SENCO in September too and have already started the SENCO award - it's still a Government requirement and they aren't sure how long the funding will continue so the advice we had was to do it whilst it's no cost to school.
    Not looking forward to the theory bits (and the assignment writing), but hoping it will be useful.
    I'll be watching this thread with interest! Good luck
  4. Alright Puzzles ;)

    My head also said to do it now whilst they are paying course costs and possibly supply costs too. I think currently the guidelines are to complete within 3 years of beginning the job. I started in May but I had Year 6 until the end of the year so I too will be watching this thread with interest.
  5. Hey MH! I'll have to speak to my Head in September as she seemed fairly sure I didn't need it bit no idea what or where her info. comes from...
  6. Thought I'd update!
    Not sure why I was concerned at what I'd be doing as I've done nothing but had meetings and phonecalls since including dealing with mountains of paperwork and parents all of whom expect me to know their child inside out and back to front and the ins and outs of every intervention they have! Good fun though!
  7. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    A good idea is to do some classroom observations of children on SEN register; perhaps those causing most concern to start with. Good luck in your new role[​IMG]

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