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New SEF & Ofsted - HELP!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by headforheights, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi, after looking for examples of completed SEFs on the internet I came across your post. Would be ever so greatful if you could email me a copy of your SEF

  2. Hi there,
    Wondered if anyone has a good model sef I could look at. Like everyone else I am wading through treacle!!
    Thanks - judith@mackiehome.demon.co.uk
  3. Hello Judith and others
    May I refer you to the latest (Jan 2010) Ofsted guidance on this? It's quite good!
    The important thing is that you have gone through the process of making a judgement and the best way to do this is to use the Ofsted schedule for inspection. There is a new version out now (Jan 2010), although I don't think there are many changes.
    The new schedule is on:
    You can find both of these documents by going onto the Ofsted website and on the Forms and Guidance page browsing '2010' then 'Jan'
    If you don't find the schedule user friendly, I have re-arranged it into a Template for Self-evaluation' which is easier to use and is available free on the TES resources website. Please note that I called it NEW VERSION etc, before Christmas. I have only just discovered the revised schedule myself and will check the template for changes and re-publish as soon as possible under "Template for Self-evaluation using the Revised Ofsted Schedule January 2010".
    I am happy to e-mail, free of charge, the previous version of the template immediately, or the new version in a few days. Feel free to contact me at nawkiltd@aol.com. No commercial use will be made of e-mail addresses.
    Best wishes.
    John Searl
    Not As We Know It Limited

  4. Please could you send me a copy of your SEF too as I'm struggling with mine?
    Thank you in advance,

  5. I'm sure you're fed up with all the requests for help but I'd also really appreciate looking at a copy of your SEF - I'm really struggling and we're waiting for a visit any time!
    Thanks very much
  6. I am struggling with SEF and would be grateful for any help
  7. Hi there!
    Having previously worked in England, am currently based in Africa. Though not under pressure with SEF as such, would welcome a look through a copy of your SEF. I am in the process of setting up a self evaluation tool for the 3 schools that I oversee as Principal.

  8. We have nearly finished a first stab at our SEF. I would appreciate a copy to compare please.
    Many thanks
  9. Hi
    I have had many sleepless nights and stress over this new SEF, I'm a Foundation Stage Co-ordinator and I'm doing Section A5 of the new SEF - How Effective is the EYFS?
    Please please please could you email me your SEF or just section A5, whichever is simpler to send.
    Many many thanks
  10. Hi Lis
    I am sorry that you are feeling stressed about your contribution to the SEF. Remember that inspectors are not required to judge the way you have presented the SEF, they are only interested in the quality of the judgements the school has made - how close, or far away, those judgements are from what they see for themselves.
    The Ofsted guidance I've mentioned in this forum earlier is really worth looking at. When inspectors visit your school they will look at each of the descriptors in the schedule and decide which apply. Depending on which descriptors apply, they will make their grade judgement for that section.
    You simply need to pretend you are inspector. Decide which descriptors apply and what evidence you have used to take that decision.
    For the SEF itself, I would simply copy and paste each of the chosen descriptors and state the evidence source. Do not try to present all of the evidence, but you could include some highlights!.
    I have copied this into an email to you and will attach my version of the schedule, which helps to identify the descriptors once they are in the SEF.
    Best wishes and hope you sleep better!
    John Searl
  11. Hi
    I would be everso grateful if you could forward a copy of your SEF. Tearing my hair out at the mo.
    Many thanks for sharing this

  12. A copy would really help us at the moment - just to say if we on the right tracks!
    Thanks in advance
  13. I would LOVE to have a look too (you must be fed up and wish you hadn't offered!). Would you mind sending me a copy please?

  14. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    Ive been asked to help complete our schools. can i please have a copy if this is still available?
    many thanks

  15. Could I have a copy too John please?

    Many thanks

  16. hi there, not sure how to publish my email address and i know the post is from a while ago..but would you mind sending me a copy.

    I am sooooo confused[​IMG]
  17. Just thought I'd post this if it helps anyone


    Apparently you can build your own SEF with whatever focus you want. Can have any group of staff contribute also.

    Good luck.
  18. I've just had my first training session on creating the new SEF within Bluewave Swift.
    I found it very useful and has allowed me to choose between sections of the old SEF that I might want to keep, those I wanted to remove and those I wanted to write myself.
    I have however been assured I could either keep the past document as is or even entirely rewrite every section myself, to my own parameters.
    Using their framework, which seems very rigorous, I am confident that this shall guarantee the future of my self evaluation is driven by the school's own priorities and no longer by any form-filling exercise.

  19. When you say the new SEF, do you mean the one for the 2009 framework or is there something new??
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