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New seating plans?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by zimon, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. I'm an NQT who started in a new school after October half term. I was thrown into the deep end, so most of my classes are in A-Z seating plans. Now I feel like I know the students and understand who/where some problems lie, I want to start the new year with brand spanking new seating plans.
    My normal method is to get everyone into the room and standing at the back. I then go through the places one by one, sitting them down as they go.
    I have two questions:
    1) is it worth creating new seating plans for the new year, or is it time that should be spent getting them on with some work..
    2) Any alternative/quicker/better ways of getting them in a new seating plan?
  2. 1. Oh yes - its one of the best ways of asserting your authority and you are doing the students a disservice if you don't have them in a well thought out seating plan
    2. Not really that I know of. Its good though because you can insist on silence whilst it is being sorted out
  3. I get my children (mixed KS2) into their new "base" seating places every half term by displaying a plan of the room on the IWB, with their names next to their new places. Takes about 3 minutes to get everyone sat down, with only 1 or 2, mainly Year 3s, who can't quite work out which side of the table they should be sat on....!
  4. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    I'm putting some of my classes in new seating plans, partly for a change and partly because my random plans created before I met them have thrown up some annoying issues (don't you just hate it when you accidentally put two troublemakers together and they look at each other with glee as they sit down?). I'll be projecting the new plan on the board, and have essays to give back which will already be placed according to the new plan.

    I'm also going to introduce the "settling time challenge" with my Year 8s and 9s. It works a treat with Year 7 even weeks after we started, but I'm getting fed up with how long it takes the rest of KS3 to settle. Basically I time them as they come through the door, and only stop when everyone's sat down, unpacked and shut up! The class with the best time score get a prize each half term. We'll see how it goes with the older ones!
  5. Thanks for your replies - I have re-seating planned all of tomorrow's classes, and will do the rest as I go along.
    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!

  6. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I always change plans at the end of a lesson, so that then any grumpiness about who they are sat next to has usually disappeared by the time they have to actually sit down for a lesson. I finish 5 min early and get them to stand at the back/side and then allocate them to places. I don't tend to pre-do the plan, but start by picking out the children I want to separate and then slotting in the others around them!
  7. I actually move mine around quite a lot. My tables are named in each subject. We have colours for 'base' tables (mixed ability), then ability tables in literacy (jewels), maths (shapes) and guided reading (fruits). Whenever I change the tables I just read out 'Ok, on Strawberry table: Lucy, Navaar.. etc etc etc' and they listen for where they're sitting. I don't pick and choose who they sit with on those tables though. I can always move them if they don't work well.
  8. I put my seating plan onto a powerpoint slide which is on the board as they walk in they find their new seat and sit down- takes couple of minutes and for first few lessons you can put it up so no moaning about not being able to remember where they sat.
  9. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    I work in a challenging inner-city school and even my top sets are rather lively to say the least. I regularly change my seating plans from...
    boy/girl or 'power pairs' (good kid with difficult kid)
    to group tables according to either: target levels (differentiated groups by level) OR social/SE needs for SEAL based lessons.
    My kids know that when we go back to rows; I'm not happy. It settles them down, re-focuses, breaks up the bad boys and gets the attention of the girls.
    Always a winner :)
  10. Hi Zimon,
    I use seating charts for each one of my classes yrs 7 - 13 and find them an invaluable tool in terms of manageing classroom behaviour. There is lots of advice about class seating charts online but the most informative I have found is http://www.classcharts.com
  11. Hey Zimon,
    I have been using Class Charts and it has suited my needs very well. It is free and combines seating plans with behaviour management.


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