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New Science Specs

Discussion in 'Science' started by hays_scott, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. I suspect that they may be thrown out again by OFQUAL as they are all very modular in nature. The recent white paper throws doubt upon any modular course.
    What type of comparison were you after? I am thinking about going with OCR Gateway.
  2. The new specs were draft specs and not accredited by OFQUAL. As such its very much a case of "tough luck" if any school have started teaching them. However I suspect that the content will not change hugely rather the means and methods of assessment will be altered.
    The new specs have been resubmitted, then thrown out, altered and then resubmitted (about Sept 2010 is memory serves me right), white paper released, OFQUAL released a statement stating they are looking into the new specs suitability in line with teh white paper.
    Personally I would be teaching general Science to students in year 9 who have started their GCSE early.
    I find that there is very little difference in terms of actual raw subject content between the different exam boards. I find that the big difference lies in lay out and style of exam quastion. I am under the impression that all boards have submitted new specs that have a 40% rule where 40% examination must be sat in the accrediting year. I think that this will not satisfy OFQUAL in light of the white paper.
    Hope this helps

  3. I spoke to one of the exam boards who were hoping that the introduction of the new specifications would be put back a further year. I have written to my MP about the delay in getting the specifications accredited considering a lot of schools are already teaching them to their year 9. ofqual have said that all specifications will be accredited 1 year before teaching. The resources that we will get will be poor if ofqual don't get a move on. I am really disgusted with the way that science teachers are being messed about at the moment!
  4. So if they postpone a year what then happens to the likes of double award applied science. This was due to end with the current year 10 cohort being the last one through.

    Agreed we are getting a raw deal.
  5. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Been there....
    Never had the resources very far in advance of teaching.
    However, there does seem to be a particularly tangled mess at the moment, that illustrates the way that teaching to the specification (and test) has got us by the throat at the moment.
    I have had my parties to mark the "death" of several modules. It's a good job I haven't had the bonfires!
  6. I can't see us having resources before we next October!

    which modules are you hoping will go? We are doing gateway and it does not appear to be changing at the moment!
  7. Nina06

    Nina06 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am still no clearer about the way forward! :(
    I suppose I should be happen I am not alone in hating the powers that be!!
    At the moment, I want to start Triple Science with my Year 9s next month - as it stands I plan on teaching the old spec but will I am worried the students will have to finish the entire course by the end of their year 10!!!
    Also, with regards to 21st Century OCR, does anyone know if students can sit B1, C1 and P1, etc and still be entered for Triple Science or do they have to sit B1, B2 and B3, etc? OCR are giving me contradicting information and will not give me anything in writing!
    Thanks for all the information


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