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New school- what to find out?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by anon3946, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. I've got my induction day next week at the school that's hiring me- what're the things I need to find out about? (I also thought this might generally be a good thread for anyone else in the same boat.)
    Do I get my own classroom? If yes, where? (When) can I come and set it up? If not, where's my work space for when I'm not with a class?
    Will I have a form group?
    What's my timetable?
    What're the long term plans? What will I be starting in September? Which texts? Are there SOWs or do I need to write my own? If there are SOWs, how much scope is there for deviation?
    What is the behavior policy, including sanctions and rewards?
    Who is my NQT mentor?
    What exam boards are used? (I know at GCSE, and from the information I've been given, I'm fairly certain about A level)
  2. Everything you can find out about the behaviour policy - you want to be as well informed as the year 11s on the first day of term. How do people actually put it into practice? What would you do if X? What if the student refuses to take the detention slip? What do I need to fill in? Is it advisable at this school to get into the phone-calls-home habit?
    Not just "what's my timetable" - what sets do I have? Can I get class lists, old seating plans, assessments? Can I speak to the class' current teacher? Who in the class is SEN, G&T, FSM, in care?
    Can I get a copy of the SOW? Oh, and any electronic resources the department uses. Can I nosy round the department office and see what physical resources are available? Most schools have their own lesson plan proforma - can I get that? The staff handbook?
    Could I get a list of the names and email addresses of the SMT and everyone in my department (at the very least)?
    What textbooks will I have for my classes?
    Do I have an interactive whiteboard in my room? Which sort?
    What's the homework policy? Marking policy?
    When do meetings/briefings take place? NQT meetings?
    How early can I arrive to school/how late could I stay (I'm currently unable to stay past 5:20 most days... I'd much prefer to be able to work until 8 once or twice a week).
    What's the absence line number? Cover work policy?
    Are teachers expected to run booster sessions? Clubs? At lunchtime or after school? How straightforward is it to set up a society?
    ...yes, I want to know a lot. I've already done 2 terms NQT, and these are the things that I'm glad I found out ahead of time... or kicked myself for not finding out.

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