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New School Build - new classroom resources. What would you ask for?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Karenq, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. HI
    We are getting a new school build and have been asked to make up a wish list of resources for the classroom. What would you put on the list?
  2. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    All of the above.
    And individual desks. ( If I choose to run the occasional lesson where group working is required then we can push the desks together.)

  3. Why does everyone call it a new build?
    It's a new building isn't it.
    Sorry - long day, and having worked at 2 PFI schools I've heard the term a lot and it's a pet(ulant) hate of mine :)
    Now with my helpful hat on...
    Interactive whiteboards - but your school must invest time into training for it
    Display - PFI providers come up with daft counter-perdagaogical rules in thr contract such as "no display work on walls". Ignore this. Insist that you have all you need (especially number line.
    Some idiots will put the red flashing light of a fire alarm above your interactive whiteboard. Pre-empt this and insist that it does not happen - my number line was ripped down so they could put this huge distraction into my room.
    If new computers is part of the package, insist on a soundsystem if you dont have one.
    Ask that your provider does not filter all youtube videos. Ours does, so we miss out on loads of great stuff. Obviously it needs filtered for kids but for staff? Mind boggling.
    Good luck!

  4. Personally, I wouldn't bother with an interactive whiteboard - very expensive, hard to write legibly on, and I've yet to use it in a way that a projector onto a whiteboard, and chordless mouse wouldn't do better.
    I'd ask for: 2 whiteboards next to each other - a static one for a projector and a rolly one one for me to write on.
    Plugs near your desk.
    Plenty of cupboard space, and drawers.
    A shape of room so that everyone can see both boards, so not too wide.
    Chairs and sturdy desks with unbendable legs
  5. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    are they those silent ones?[​IMG]
  6. I have a big walk in cupboard in my room and it's everyone elses dumping ground. I am stuck with all the resources and no cupboard space for my own stuff.
    Have the department resources cupboard elsewhere (in between two classsrooms maybe?) to make it accessible to everyone without disturbing people's lessons.
  7. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Having gone throught this experience, and now teaching in a very pleasant building, my observations, in addition to the above:
    Don't assume the builders/architects know where best to site things such as power sockets, lights, door openings,etc. At the build stage, as soon as practicable, get in there and have a look around and start mentally installing your basic stuff such as whiteboard, display boards, desks, etc. Then ask to see the plans. You'd be surprised how much impact you can have on these things, but it will be too late once everything is installed.
    Think about window blinds, skylight blinds, etc.
    No doubt there will be no light switches (auto lights apparently designed to be energy efficient, by switching off when people leave, but which seem to spend most of the year on, even on the sunniest of days...) but insist on an over-ride switch so that you can turn them out when you need , eg. For video.
    Ignore the miseries above who don't like IWBs. I can promise you, after nearly 20 years of chalk boards and their various health hazards, IWBs are just brilliant, even when simply using them as every day write on white boards which, to be honest, I mostly do - great to be able to flick back and forth between slides, save slides from one lesson to the next, as well as pre-prepare things (when I get round to planning lessons...)
    If, like us, they are installing any removable, 'sound- proofed' walls, then insist on the highest quality and be prepared to challenge anything that turns out to be inadequate. At some stage, there will be a mismatch beween the contractor's costs and the budget, and these are the sorts of areas they will cut corners on. Ours did - in fact, they didn't bother finishing the heating in one half of the building.
    hope that helps...

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