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new resources for Inter Faith work

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by durgamata, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    writing in haste as I've spent hours trying to upload a Part 2 version of the side show Reflections on Life which is my most popupar resource.

    I;m getting fault code 312 ad wonder if anyone can throw any light on this. It is a big file, do you know how big we can upload?

    For now I have just uploaded 10 tracks of mp3 music which are some I use when showing the slide-shows. I tend to choose music to match the community or culture I am giving the workshop to as thee slide show is interfaith and can be a bit 'scary' for some people who are used to the security of staying firmly in the comfort zone of their own crowd. If you use music that is familiar or understood well then it helps people to relax and be more open to the different ideas which are explored in the slides.

    Hopefully I'll get it up soon. Thanks for all who do look at my resources but do remember to pyut a comment or rview as it helps me know what is popular and how to improve things.

    I am upolading this file, for example, because I notice that many people have looked at the Interfaith Week resource which was not very strong. I have researched a bit into the Inter Faith groups and added to this resource. I will continue to add to it when I can as it is an inportant ares.

    All the best
    for tha new term.

  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    The music includes gregorian chant, Christmas carols and some Indian music. I have some Muslim and Sikh music which I will add when I can but at the moment the files are too big. Does anyone have any Jewish or Buddhist music? I have Shaam for Islamic music which I have used a lot as they are a great British Group - but has anyone else got favourite music from particular religions which is good for reflection and meditation?

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    So happy to say I have now been able to get the Slide Show to upload. Interestingly (at least I find it interesting) I happened to look at the 'properties' while trying to find a solution to the upload problem and found that I have spent a totla of 36849 Minutes working on this resource - and have worked on it over 300 times. That is a serious amount of time and I would not have done it unless it mattered to me - and I really believed it would be useful.

    Part of the reason for such a lot of work is that I have several versions of both part one and part 2 of the Slide Shows 'Reflections on Life. The first one is fairly standard, looking at life, family and what causes suffering. In my workshops it is followid by activities and discussion. The Part Two tends to be about ten minutes, adapted from the Part 2 put here - and using music which is fairly familiar to the audience - sometimes just the Windmills Of Your Mind.

    But since you are all RE Colleagues I am giving you as much as I can here.

    I have just amended the one I put up yesterday - adding Native American, Jain and Bah'ai texts. There's only one of each but at least they are represented. I've occasionally had members of these groups in my workshops who have asked why they are not included. Of course you can;t cover everything but this does increase the scope. I may add more but for now I do believe I have spent enough time on this and must focus on other things.

    It's a big thing for me to share this as ihe full slide-show here is more or less an expression of who I am and what I believe. When I give workshops I tailor it more to 'chime' with the 'audience' introducing diversity but in a less concentrated way. People sometimes ask why I use flowers and nature so much and it's because we can all relate to them. For some people the strength of my affirmation of all the religions makes them uneasy. But I don't think it will worry you lot.

    But please, please do give comments and feedback - and if you know anyone who has used Part 1, do tell them about Part 2.

    Best wishes for a very happy May and Summer Term - and do let me know if I can come in to support your departments in any way. After Exam workshops and RE days.are on Special Offer.
  4. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Responding to someone who contacted me to say that they couldn't download the Interfaith Reflections on Life Slide Show and it kept crashing their computer. It is a big file with 200 slides - so I have split it into two and uploaded them (under the same heading) which hopefully will prevent that problem if your connection doesn't like such big file

    Delighted to see that so many people have already looked at this, as my Reflections on Life series is the 'best' thing I've put up so far (in my view). One person has favourited it but I would very much appreciate some feedback which outlines when you have used it and with what groups, how you have used it and what the reaction has been.

    Also as I include some music tracks here, just some of the ones I use when using the Reflections on Life as a video in my workshops, but I would like to extend this range. What music do you use for reflective activities? I am particularly looking for Buddhist and Jewish music. I know some great Jewish dance music and songs like Ha Va Nagila - but dont know where to buy the music.

    With Part One, some teachers found it was good to use as a meditation, to de-stress after a tough day. While working on this and adding the Jain, Native American and Bah'ai texts (in response to requests from some of my workshops) I found it a real meditation. It has such a positive and practical message. It has helped to inspire me to get my own spiritual life back into focus. It had tended to get overshadowed by the pressures of living on a low income and trying to get my business going. Hopefully I will now be inspired to make sure I keep it as the priority.

    All the best to everyone


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