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New Resource

Discussion in 'Geography' started by scottjw, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. I have just uploaded a resource, nothing major but I thought people might like it. It is just something I am going to display around the room.

    It has the different general topics in Geography, and the level descriptors. Feel free to edit, ignore, use or copy. I am going into NQT year and it is the first thing I have uploaded here. Some feedback would be good.

  2. I've just had a quick look at this and thought I'd give you some feedback. It is difficult to read some of the text because the background pictures interfere too much. You could right-click your picture and go to format picture> either grayscale it or washout or adjust the brightness etc. Some of the pictures look stretched or have writing in the background which I would definitely change.
    I'm not sure why you have chosen the titles you have, e.g. mapskills, instead of enquiry?
    The concept is good but could do with tweaking to make it better which I'm sure you will - please take my critcism in the constructive manner it is meant to be.
    Also, I would include level 8.
    Good luck for September.

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